Nathan Juran (1907 - 2002)

Nathan Juran, Director: The 7th Voyage of Sinbad. Austrian-born Nathan Juran was a professional architect before entering the film industry as an art director in 1937. He won an Academy Award for art direction on How Green Was My Valley (1941). World War II interrupted his film career, and he spent his war years with the OSS. Returning to Hollywood, he turned to directing films in the 1950s. He handled mostly low-budget westerns and sci-fi ...

Gurahumora, Bukovina, Rakousko-Uhersko
(95 let) Palos Verdes Estates, California, USA
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Nathan Juran oblíbené filmy

73 První muži na Měsíci
První muži na Měsíci
77 Sedmá Sindibádova cesta
Sedmá Sindibádova cesta
70 Hellcats of the Navy
Hellcats of the Navy
69 Jack zabíjí obra
Jack zabíjí obra
77 Law and Order
Law and Order
63 20 milionů mil od Země
20 milionů mil od Země

1973Chlapec, který spatřil vlkodlakafilm

1969Land Raidersfilm

1964East of Sudanfilm

1964První muži na Měsícifilm

1963Siege of the Saxonsfilm

1962Jack zabíjí obrafilm

1961Flight of the Lost Balloonfilm

1959Dobrý den na věšenífilm

1959Mantelli e spade insanguinatefilm

1958Attack of the 50 Foot Womanfilm

1958Imprese di una spada leggendaria, Lefilm

1958Sedmá Sindibádova cestafilm

195720 milionů mil od Zeměfilm

1957Hellcats of the Navyfilm

1957The Brain from Planet Arousfilm

1957The Deadly Mantisfilm

1955Crooked Web, Thefilm

1954Drums Across the Riverfilm

1954Highway Dragnetfilm


1953Law and Orderfilm

1953The Golden Bladefilm


1952The Black Castlefilm

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