Ed Brady (1889 - 1942)

Ed Brady, Actor: The Son of Kong. Ed Brady was born on December 6, 1889 in New York City, New York, USA as Edwin J. Brady. He was an actor, known for The Son of Kong (1933), Law of the West (1932) and Fires of Rebellion (1917). He was married to Lillian West. He died on March 31, 1942 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

New York City, New York, USA
(52 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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78 Marie Antoinetta
Marie Antoinetta
81 Přepadení
86 Byl jsem lynčován
Byl jsem lynčován
78 Union Pacific
Union Pacific
64 Ostrov pokladů
Ostrov pokladů
77 North West Mounted Police
North West Mounted Police

1943Flicker Flashbacks No. 1, Series 1a.z.

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1940When the Daltons Rodefilm

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1939Dick Tracy's G-Menfilm

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1933Before Dawnfilm


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1933Gun Justicefilm

1933He Couldn't Take Itfilm

1933Man Huntfilm

1933Noční letfilm

1933Oliver Twistfilm

1933One Sunday Afternoonfilm

1933Parachute Jumperfilm


1933Ranger's Codefilm

1933Sensation Huntersfilm

1933The Lone Avengerfilm

1933The Nuisancefilm

1933The Son of Kongfilm

1933Tillie and Gusfilm

1933Under the Tonto Rimfilm

1932Destry Rides Againfilm

1932Forbidden Trailfilm

1932Frisco Jennyfilm

1932Hat Check Girlfilm

1932Hell-Fire Austinfilm


1932Law of the Westfilm

1932Madame Racketeerfilm

1932Nebezpečná rudovláskafilm

1932South of Santa Fefilm

1932Sundown Riderfilm

1932The Golden Westfilm

1932The Match Kingfilm

1932The Night Club Ladyfilm

1932The Phantom Presidentfilm

1932Without Honorfilm

1931Americká tragédiefilm

1931Beyond Victoryfilm

1931Desert Vengeancefilm

1931Ladies of the Big Housefilm

1931Oklahoma Jimfilm

1931Shanghaied Lovefilm

1931The Conquering Hordefilm

1931The Nevada Buckaroofilm

1931The Sin of Madelon Claudetfilm

1931The Squaw Manfilm

1931The Texas Rangerfilm

1930A Devil with Womenfilm

1930Abraham Lincolnfilm

1930Chléb náš vezdejšífilm

1930Madonna of the Streetsfilm

1930The Last of the Duanesfilm

1930The Spoilersfilm

1930The Texanfilm

1930Western Knightsfilm


1930Won by a Neckfilm



1929Lesson No. 1film

1929Stewed, Fried and Boiledfilm

1929The Delightful Roguefilm

1929The Trespasserfilm

1929The Virginianfilm


1928Do Your Dutyfilm

1928Dressed to Killfilm

1928Harold Teenfilm

1928The Bushrangerfilm

1928The Code of the Scarletfilm

1928The Noosefilm

1927Clancy's Kosher Weddingfilm

1927Hoof Marksfilm

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1926The Winning of Barbara Worthfilm

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1925Peacock Feathersfilm

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1924Stolen Secretsfilm

1924The Deadwood Coachfilm

1924The Fighting Adventurerfilm

1924The Man Who Would Not Diefilm

1924The Price She Paidfilm

1924Záhada pod zemífilm

1923Racing Heartsfilm

1923The Broken Wingfilm

1923The Eternal Strugglefilm

1923The Trail of the Lonesome Pinefilm

1923The Trail of the Lonesome Pinefilm

1923To the Last Manfilm

1922A Question of Honorfilm

1922Boy Crazyfilm

1922If You Believe It, It's Sofilm

1922Over the Borderfilm

1922The Old Homesteadfilm

1922The Pride of Palomarfilm

1922The Siren Callfilm

1921Cheated Lovefilm

1921The Kissfilm

1921The Rough Diamondfilm

1921The Silent Callfilm

1920Terror Islandfilm

1920The Kentucky Colonelfilm

1920The Yellow Typhoonfilm

1919Almost a Husbandfilm

1919The False Codefilm

1919The Great Radium Mysteryfilm

1919When Bearcat Went Dryfilm

1918Are Wives Unreasonable?film

1918Beyond the Shadowsfilm

1918Deuce Duncanfilm

1918Everywoman's Husbandfilm

1918Faith Endurin'film

1918I Love Charles Albertfilm

1918Marked Cardsfilm

1918Mr. Briggs Closes the Housefilm

1918Mr. Miller Muddles Throughfilm

1918Mr. Miller's Economiesfilm

1918Old Hartwell's Cubfilm

1918The Grey Parasolfilm

1918The Gun Womanfilm

1918The Poor Fishfilm

1918The Shoes That Dancedfilm

1918Who Killed Walton?film

1918Wild Lifefilm

1917Fires of Rebellionfilm

1917Flat Harmonyfilm

1917God's Cruciblefilm

1917In Payment of the Pastfilm

1917Indiscreet Corinnefilm


1917The Devil's Baitfilm

1917The Double Room Mysteryfilm

1917The Flame of Youthfilm

1917The Goddess of Chancefilm

1917The Grip of Lovefilm

1917The Heart of Jules Carsonfilm

1917The High Signfilm

1917The Last of Her Clanfilm

1917The Learnin' of Jim Bentonfilm

1917The Making of Bob Mason's Wifefilm

1917The Penalty of Silencefilm

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1916A Soul at Stakefilm

1916Arthur's Desperate Resolvefilm

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1916He Wrote a Bookfilm

1916Hedge of Heart's Desirefilm

1916Only a Rosefilm

1916Out of the Shadowsfilm

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1916So Shall Ye Reapfilm


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1916The Flirting Bridefilm

1916The Girl Detectivefilm

1916The Mainspringfilm

1916The Man He Might Have Beenfilm

1916The Purchase Pricefilm

1916The Road to Famefilm

1916The Sultanafilm

1916The Twin Trianglefilm

1915A Child of the Prairiefilm

1915Alice of the Lakefilm

1915Blue Blood and Yellowfilm

1915Cactus Jim's Shop Girlfilm

1915For the Commonwealthfilm

1915Her Careerfilm

1915Houses of Glassfilm

1915Iole the Christianfilm

1915Ma's Girlsfilm

1915Neal of the Navyfilm

1915Pals in Bluefilm

1915Polishing Up Pollyfilm

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1915Sage Brush Tomfilm

1915The Eagle and the Sparrowfilm

1915The Fruit of Follyfilm

1915The Last of the Stillsfilm

1915The Legal Lightfilm

1915The Man from Texasfilm

1915The Odd Slipperfilm

1915The Outlaw's Bridefilm

1915The Pomp of Earthfilm

1915The Reapingfilm

1915The Yellow Streakfilm

1915Today and Tomorrowfilm

1915Toil and Tyrannyfilm

1915When Justice Sleepsfilm

1915Who Pays?film

1914A Flash in the Darkfilm

1914A Gypsy Romancefilm

1914A Seminary Consumed by Flamesfilm

1914An Hour of Youthfilm

1914Breed o' the Mountainsfilm

1914Fires of Consciencefilm

1914From the Flamesfilm

1914Heart of the Hillsfilm

1914Leading Lizzie Astrayfilm


1914The Countess Betty's Minefilm

1914The Fruit of Evilfilm

1914The Greater Devotionfilm

1914The Intruderfilm

1914The Leaven of Goodfilm

1914The Magic Skinfilm

1914The Mountaineerfilm

1914The Testfilm

1914The Varsity Racefilm

1914The Voice of the Violafilm

1914The Wheel of Lifefilm

1914Whoso Diggeth a Pitfilm

1913A Cracksman Santa Clausfilm

1913A Hopi Legendfilm

1913A Seaside Samaritanfilm

1913Her Nephews from Labradorfilm

1913Like Darby and Joanfilm


1913The Child of the Prairiesfilm

1913The Cracksman's Reformationfilm

1913The Fires of Fatefilm

1913The Heart of a Cracksmanfilm

1913The Lightning Boltfilm


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