Graham Smith

Graham Smith

Graham Smith, Cinematographer: Africa's Great Civilizations. One of the UK's most experienced and respected Cinematographers. With a love and passion for story-telling and an intuitive eye for people and images, Graham regularly films for the BBC and independent television companies the UK and America. Working with the industries award-winning directors, filming sensitive subjects, complicated setups with a ...
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58 Warren Jeffs: Prorok mimo zákon
Warren Jeffs: Prorok mimo zákon
81 Péče
64 Dunkerque: záchrana expedičního sboru
Dunkerque: záchrana expedičního sboru
Smallpox 2002: Silent Weapon
Smallpox 2002: Silent Weapon
A Very British Sex Scandal
A Very British Sex Scandal
67 To druhé Boleynovic děvče
To druhé Boleynovic děvče

2014Warren Jeffs: Prorok mimo zákonTV film

20091 Dayfilm

2007Sex, the City and MeTV film

2007Very British Sex Scandal, ATV film

2006Beau Brummell – okouzlující mužTV film

2006Death of a Presidentfilm

2004Dunkerque: záchrana expedičního sboruTV film

2004Špinavá válkaTV film

2003Day Britain Stopped, TheTV film

2003Death of Klinghoffer, Thefilm

2003Principles of Lust, Thefilm

2003To druhé Boleynovic děvčeTV film

2002Smallpox 2002: Silent WeaponTV film

2001When I Was 12TV film

2000PéčeTV film

1999Tina Goes ShoppingTV film

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