Martin Jacobs

Martin Jacobs, Actor: Who Dares Wins. Martin is a New Zealand actor who trained at the Webber Douglas Academy in London. After leaving he worked extensively in theatre, film and television in the UK, Europe and the USA. He was a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company for five years appearing in Shakespeare and premiering several new plays at The Other Place and Barbican theatres. He moved to Australia in 1995 where he has worked in ...
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74 Truth
35 Klokan Joey
Klokan Joey
71 Sharpovi střelci
Sharpovi střelci
70 Bílý lovec, černé srdce
Bílý lovec, černé srdce
67 Poslední zpověď Alexandera Pearcea
Poslední zpověď Alexandera Pearcea
67 Jekyll & Hyde
Jekyll & Hyde


2008Poslední zpověď Alexandera Pearceafilm

1997Klokan Joeyfilm

1996Natural Justice: Heatfilm

1996What I Have Writtenfilm

1996Whipping Boyfilm

1994Konečná volbafilm

1993Sharpovi střelciTV film

1993The Feds: DeadfallTV film

1992The Leaving of LiverpoolTV film

1992Za vodoufilm

1992Želví plážfilm

1990Bílý lovec, černé srdcefilm

1990Jekyll & HydeTV film

1990Ring of ScorpioTV film

1987Mirch Masalafilm

1979Old Crowd, TheTV film

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