G. Pat Collins (1895 - 1959)

G. Pat Collins, Actor: The Racket. G. Pat Collins was born on December 16, 1895 in Brooklyn, New York, USA as George Percy Collins. He is known for his work on The Racket (1928), Na západní fronte klid (1930) and The Silk Express (1933). He was married to Billie Rhodes. He died on August 5, 1959 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Brooklyn, New York, USA
(63 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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G. Pat Collins oblíbené filmy

85 Na západní frontě klid
Na západní frontě klid
78 Nejrychlejší střelec
Nejrychlejší střelec
77 Ovčák
76 Romance on the High Seas
Romance on the High Seas
75 Sedmá kavalérie
Sedmá kavalérie
84 Bílý žár
Bílý žár


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1956Yaqui Drumsfilm

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1955Betrayed Womenfilm

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1955Ten Wanted Menfilm

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1955The Naked Streetfilm

1955Toughest Man Alive, Thefilm

1954Overland Pacificfilm

1954The Great Diamond Robberyfilm

1954Three Hours to Killfilm

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1953The Clownfilm

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1951On Dangerous Groundfilm

1951The Whip Handfilm

1950Father Makes Goodfilm

1950Gambling Housefilm

1950Indian Territoryfilm

1950Southside 1-1000film

1950Triple Troublefilm

1949Bílý žárfilm

1949Flaming Furyfilm

1949I Married a Communistfilm

1949Neptune's Daughterfilm

1949Scene of the Crimefilm

1949The Clay Pigeonfilm

1949The Fountainheadfilm

1949Top o' the Morningfilm

1948Jungle Patrolfilm

1948Obnažené městofilm

1948Romance on the High Seasfilm

1948Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay!film

1948Temná minulostfilm

1948The Snake Pitfilm

1948Up in Central Parkfilm

1947Easy Come, Easy Gofilm

1942Rings on Her Fingersfilm

1941Navy Bluesfilm

1941Sedmá kavalériefilm

1940Brother Orchidfilm

1940Flowing Goldfilm

1940King of the Lumberjacksfilm

1940Little Old New Yorkfilm

1939Charlie McCarthy, Detectivefilm

1939Invisible Stripesfilm

1938What Price Safety!film

1937Bad Guyfilm

1937Between Two Womenfilm

1937Carnival Queenfilm

1937Double Weddingfilm

1937Loď ztracených dušífilm

1937V newyorském přístavufilm

1936Anything Goesfilm

1936Fifteen Maiden Lanefilm

1936It Had to Happenfilm


1936Robin Hood z Eldoradafilm

1936San Franciscofilm

1936With Love and Kissesfilm

1935Alibi Ikefilm

1935Baby Face Harringtonfilm

1935Black Furyfilm

1935Mister Dynamitefilm

1935People Will Talkfilm

1935The Case of the Curious Bridefilm

1935The Night Life of the Godsfilm

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1934A Very Honorable Guyfilm

1934Friends of Mr. Sweeneyfilm

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1934Manhattan Melodramafilm

1934The Big Shakedownfilm

1934The Captain Hates the Seafilm

1934The Crime Doctorfilm

1934The Personality Kidfilm

1934West of the Pecosfilm

1933Bureau of Missing Personsfilm


1933Girl Missingfilm

1933Hard to Handlefilm

1933Heroes for Salefilm

1933Muž, kterého si přejifilm

1933Parachute Jumperfilm

1933Picture Snatcherfilm

1933The Mayor of Hellfilm

1933The Silk Expressfilm

193220,000 Years in Sing Singfilm

1932Afraid to Talkfilm

1932Central Parkfilm


1932Hold 'Em Jailfilm

1932Jsem uprchlý galejníkfilm

1932Madison Sq. Gardenfilm

1932Two Lips and Juleps; or, Southern Love and Northern Exposurefilm

1931A Woman of Experiencefilm

1931Doctors' Wivesfilm

1931Julius Sizzerfilm

1931No Limitfilm

1931The Lawyer's Secretfilm

1931The Vice Squadfilm


1930Be Yourself!film

1930Big Moneyfilm

1930Check and Double Checkfilm

1930Hook, Line and Sinkerfilm


1930Na západní frontě klidfilm

1930Only Saps Workfilm

1930Street of Chancefilm

1929Half Marriagefilm

1928The Racketfilm

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