Pat Bermel

Pat Bermel, Writer: The Invitation. Pat Bermel has worked in the film industry for the last fifteen years as a writer, producer, director and in corporate business affairs. In 1990 he co-founded Freedom IV Films with Evan Tylor, where he was active in creative and financing development. In 1994 he wrote and assisted Mr. Tylor in raising financing for Stag, a feature film starring ...
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Pat Bermel oblíbené filmy

68 Tah jezdcem
Tah jezdcem
81 Jak jsem ti slíbil
Jak jsem ti slíbil
46 Moucha II
Moucha II
59 Nebezpečná učitelka
Nebezpečná učitelka
64 Očima vraha
Očima vraha
49 Skrytá posedlost
Skrytá posedlost

1996Skrytá posedlostTV film

1993Nebezpečná učitelkaTV film

1992Očima vrahaTV film

1992Tah jezdcemfilm

1989Moucha IIfilm

1987Jak jsem ti slíbilTV film

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