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Mark Caven, Actor: The Timber. Mark Caven was born in London, Ontario, Canada, and has enjoyed a successful career in both North America and the UK. He is known for his work with The Comic Strip Presents, including seven films, and the cult television series The Glam Metal Detectives, for the BBC, as well as guesting on popular shows, from Executive Stress, Jonathan Creek, ...

London, Ontario, Kanada
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73 Zloba - Královna černé magie
Zloba - Královna černé magie
34 Superman 4
Superman 4
41 The Timber
The Timber
38 Život ve strachu
Život ve strachu
60 Medvědí přízrak
Medvědí přízrak
52 Antiviral

2015The Timberfilm

2014Zloba - Královna černé magiefilm

2014Zázračné přistání na řece HudsonTV film


2012Život ve strachuTV film

2011Henry ze zkumavkyfilm

2009DivertedTV film

2006Cesta k vítězstvíTV film


2005Medvědí přízrakTV film

2005O mé rodině a jiné zvířeněTV film

2004Fešák Churchillfilm

2004Milo 55160film

2001Jane DoeTV film

1998Big Swap, Thefilm

1998Monk Dawsonfilm

1998Razor Blade Smilefilm

1997Lust for GloriousTV film

1993Who Dealt?TV film

1991Papežem proti své vůlifilm

1990Salvation Guaranteedfilm

1988Hard Justicefilm

1987Superman 4film

1986Šílená Amerikafilm

1979Follow the StarTV film

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