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Michael Karl Richards, Actor: Chesapeake Shores. Michael Karl Richards was born in British Columbia, Canada and raised in both BC and Southern California. With a foundation built in large part on his training at the prestigious Neighborhood Playhouse in New York. Michael prides himself on being active not just on the small (The Flash, Supernatural, etc.) and large (2012, Even Lambs Have Teeth, ...

Vancouver, British Columbia, Kanada
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62 Nadějný rok
Nadějný rok
47 Bridal Wave
Bridal Wave
49 Dlouhá cesta domů
Dlouhá cesta domů
51 Popelky
39 Ten pravý pro mě
Ten pravý pro mě
55 Even Lambs Have Teeth
Even Lambs Have Teeth

2017Concrete Evidence: A Fixer Upper MysteryTV film

2015Autumn DreamsTV film

2015Bridal WaveTV film

2015Even Lambs Have Teethfilm

2015Truth & LiesTV film

2014My Gal SundayTV film

2013Signed, Sealed, Delivered.TV film

2011Dlouhá cesta domůTV film

2011Nadějný rokfilm

2011To the MatTV film

2010PopelkyTV film

2008Ten pravý pro měTV film


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