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Jon Provost, Actor: Lassie. Forever associated with a heroic TV collie whom he frequently had his arms lovingly wrapped around, blond tyke Jon Provost actually was a veteran performer by the time he won the role of "Timmy Martin" at age seven in the series Lassie (1954). L.A. born and bred, Jon was just three years old when he was cast as Jane Wyman and Sterling Hayden's son...

Los Angeles, California, USA
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81 Country Girl
Country Girl
75 Zakázaný majetek
Zakázaný majetek
56 Tony hledá Tokio
Tony hledá Tokio
So Big
So Big
Back from Eternity
Back from Eternity
Toward the Unknown
Toward the Unknown


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1966Zakázaný majetekfilm

1963Lassie - Velké dobrodružstvífilm

1963Lassie: A Christmas Tailfilm

1957All Mine to Givefilm

1957Tony hledá Tokiofilm

1956Back from Eternityfilm

1956He Laughed Lastfilm

1956Toward the Unknownfilm

1954Country Girlfilm

1953So Bigfilm

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