Theodore Lorch (1873 - 1947)

Theodore Lorch, Actor: The Last of the Mohicans. Theodore Lorch was born on September 29, 1873 in Springfield, Illinois, USA as Theodore Andrew Lorch. He was an actor, known for The Last of the Mohicans (1920), Half-Wits Holiday (1947) and Flash Gordon (1936). He was married to Diana Christiansen, Cecil and Mary. He died on November 12, 1947 in Camarillo, California, USA.

Springfield, Illinois, USA
(74 let) Camarillo, California, USA
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Theodore Lorch oblíbené filmy

81 Přepadení
75 Hrabě Monte Cristo
Hrabě Monte Cristo
79 Zvoník od Matky Boží
Zvoník od Matky Boží
Badmans Territory
Badmans Territory
The Sin of Madelon Claudet
The Sin of Madelon Claudet
66 Král králů
Král králů

1990Dick Tracya.z.

1977Buck Rogersa.z.

1966Spaceship to the UnknownTV film

1966Torpedo of DoomTV film

1960Stop! Look! and Laugh!a.z.

1954Scotched in Scotlanda.z.

1953Planet Outlawsa.z.

1948Here Comes Troublefilm

1948Hot Scots, Thefilm

1947Half-Wits Holidayfilm

1947My Brother Talks to Horsesfilm

1947Tělem a dušífilm

1946Badman's Territoryfilm


1946The Hoodlum Saintfilm


1943Porobená zeměfilm

1943Spook Louderfilm

1943The Fighting Devil Dogsa.z.

1942Bowery at Midnightfilm

1942Butch Minds the Babyfilm

1942No Greater Powerfilm

1942Skleněný klíčfilm

1942The Remarkable Andrewfilm

1941Bad Man of Deadwoodfilm

1941Half Shot at Sunrisefilm

1941Jesse James at Bayfilm

1941Nine Lives Are Not Enoughfilm

1940The Lady in Questionfilm

1939Buck Rogersfilm


1939Stand Up and Fightfilm

1939We Want Our Mummyfilm

1939Zorro's Fighting Legionfilm

1939Zvoník od Matky Božífilm

1938Flash Gordon's Trip to Marsa.z.

1938I Am the Lawfilm

1938Kentucky Moonshinefilm

1938Maid's Night Outfilm

1938Professor Bewarefilm

1938Red River Rangefilm

1938The Fighting Devil Dogsfilm

1937Alcatraz Islandfilm

1937Back to the Woodsfilm

1937Big Squirt, Thefilm

1937Blake of Scotland Yarda.z.

1937Cheyenne Rides Againfilm


1937Dick Tracyfilm

1937Goofs and Saddlesfilm

1937Idol of the Crowdsfilm

1937Lost Ranchfilm

1937Madame Xfilm

1937Orphan of the Pecosfilm

1937Poznamenaná ženafilm

1937Sailor Maidfilm

1937The Cherokee Stripfilm

1937The Toast of New Yorkfilm

1936Aces Wildfilm

1936Black Goldfilm

1936Děvče z barufilm

1936Flash Gordonfilm

1936Flash Gordona.z.


1936Rip Roarin' Buckaroofilm

1936Romance Rides the Rangefilm

1936The Fugitive Sherifffilm

1936The President's Mysteryfilm

1936Two Minutes to Playfilm

1935Annie Oakleyfilm

1935Barbary Coastfilm

1935Cesta pouštífilm

1935His Fighting Bloodfilm

1935Hold 'Em Yalefilm

1935Mad Lovefilm


1935Rustler's Paradisefilm

1935The Drunkardfilm

1935The Last Days of Pompeiifilm

1935The New Frontierfilm

1935The Shadow of Silk Lennoxfilm

1935Vagabond Ladyfilm

1934A Modern Herofilm

1934Friends of Mr. Sweeneyfilm


1934Hrabě Monte Cristofilm

1934I'll Fix Itfilm

1934Kid Millionsfilm

1934Monte Carlo Nightsfilm

1934Nový životfilm

1934Studená ocelfilm

1934The Affairs of Cellinifilm

1934The Mysterious Mr. Wongfilm

1934The Road to Ruinfilm

1934The Tonto Kidfilm

1934Two Heads on a Pillowfilm

1933Black Beautyfilm

1933Gabriel Over the White Housefilm

1933Gambling Shipfilm

1933Man of Actionfilm

1933Return of Casey Jones, Thefilm

1933The Gallant Foolfilm

1933The Girl in 419film

1933The Sphinxfilm

1933The Whirlwindfilm

1932Arsène Lupinfilm

1932Broadway to Cheyennefilm

1932Honor of the Mountedfilm

1932Single-Handed Sandersfilm

1932The King Murderfilm

1932The Man from Arizonafilm

1932The Tenderfootfilm

1932The Texas Bad Manfilm

1931Grief Streetfilm

1931The Galloping Ghostfilm

1931The Lightning Warriorfilm

1931The Montana Kidfilm

1931The Sin of Madelon Claudetfilm

1930A Lady's Moralsfilm

1930Snadno a rychlefilm

1930The Runaway Bridefilm


1929Loď komediantůfilm

1929Spite Marriagefilm

1929The Royal Riderfilm

1928High Strungfilm

1928The Border Patrolfilm

1928The Canyon of Adventurefilm

1928Wild Bloodfilm

1927Ginsberg the Greatfilm

1927Král králůfilm

1927Sailor Izzy Murphyfilm

1927The Missing Linkfilm

1927Tracked by the Policefilm

1926Across the Pacificfilm

1926Better 'Ole, Thefilm

1926Careful Pleasefilm

1926Sweet Adelinefilm

1925Dangerous Pleasurefilm

1925Folly of Youthfilm


1925Manhattan Madnessfilm

1925Once in a Lifetimefilm

1925Where the Worst Beginsfilm

1925You're Firedfilm

1924The Sea Hawkfilm


1923Shell Shocked Sammyfilm

1921Gasoline Gusfilm

1920Italian Lovefilm

1920The Dreamerfilm

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