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Louise Sorel, Actress: Days of Our Lives. A flashy, aggressive villainess and eternally hopeless meddler on a number of soaps, Louise Sorel has given her opulent, show-stopping characters major doses of humor and grit that have allowed her to become one of daytime's more popular figures for over two decades. She joined Days of Our Lives (1965) as the manipulative Vivian Alamain in March ...

New York City, New York, USA
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74 Připoutejte se, prosím! 2
Připoutejte se, prosím! 2
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The Return of Charlie Chan
The Return of Charlie Chan
59 Zločiny z vášně
Zločiny z vášně
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Dokonalá vražda
73 When Every Day Was the Fourth of July
When Every Day Was the Fourth of July

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