Murdock MacQuarrie (1878 - 1942)

Murdock MacQuarrie, Actor: Modern Times. Murdock MacQuarrie was born on August 25, 1878 in San Francisco, California, USA as Murdock J. MacQuarrie. He was an actor and director, known for Moderní Doba (1936), The Star Gazer (1914) and The Old Bell-Ringer (1914). He was married to Claire M. He died on August 22, 1942 in Los Angeles, California.

San Francisco, California, USA
(63 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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Murdock MacQuarrie oblíbené filmy

86 Byl jsem lynčován
Byl jsem lynčován
The Drag-Net
The Drag-Net
86 Moderní doba
Moderní doba
80 Dr. Jekyll a pan Hyde
Dr. Jekyll a pan Hyde
70 Kočičí lidé
Kočičí lidé
78 Nejprve stvořil ženu
Nejprve stvořil ženu

1943Dr. Terror's House of Horrorsa.z.

1942Arabské nocifilm

1942Freckles Comes Homefilm

1942Ghost Town Lawfilm

1942Jackass Mailfilm

1942Kočičí lidéfilm

1942Nejprve stvořil ženufilm

1942The Corpse Vanishesfilm

1942The Omaha Trailfilm


1942Tombstone, the Town Too Tough to Diefilm

1941Federal Fugitivesfilm

1941Man From Montanafilm

1941Paper Bulletsfilm

1941The Return of Daniel Boonefilm

1941The Richest Man in Townfilm

1941They Meet Againfilm

1940An Angel from Texasfilm

1940Boys of the Cityfilm

1940Brigham Youngfilm

1940Deadwood Dickfilm

1940Hi-Yo Silvera.z.

1940Konga, the Wild Stallionfilm

1940Pinto Canyonfilm

1940The Captain Is a Ladyfilm

1940The Mummy's Handfilm

1940The Shadowfilm

1940The Showdownfilm

1940The Wildcat of Tucsonfilm

1939Colorado Sunsetfilm

1939Cowboys from Texasfilm

1939Death Rides the Rangefilm

1939Mutiny on the Blackhawkfilm

1939They All Come Outfilm

1939Tower of Londonfilm

1939V cirkusefilm

1939Wolf Callfilm

1936Byl jsem lynčovánfilm

1936Drag-Net, Thefilm

1936Great Guyfilm

1936I'll Name the Murdererfilm

1936Moderní dobafilm

1936Pinto Rustlersfilm

1936Prison Shadowsfilm

1936Roarin' Leadfilm

1936Santa Fe Boundfilm


1936Stormy Trailsfilm

1936Zajatec ostrova žralokůfilm

1935Bonnie Scotlandfilm

1935Chandu on the Magic Islanda.z.

1935Diamond Jimfilm

1935Dobyvatel Indiefilm


1935North of Arizonafilm

1935Outlaw Rulefilm

1935Outlawed Gunsfilm

1935Silent Valleyfilm

1935Stone of Silver Creekfilm

1935Sunset of Powerfilm

1935Temný andělfilm

1935The Laramie Kidfilm

1935The New Frontierfilm

1935The Shadow of Silk Lennoxfilm

1934Fighting Herofilm

1934Na útěkufilm

1934Potluck Pardsfilm

1934Romance Revierfilm


1934Smoking Gunsfilm

1934Terror of the Plainsfilm

1934The Dude Rangerfilm

1934The Man from Hellfilm

1934The Mighty Barnumfilm

1934The Return of Chandua.z.

1934The Tonto Kidfilm

1934When Lightning Strikesfilm

1933Cross Firefilm

1933Easy Millionsfilm

1933One Year Laterfilm

1933Phantom Thunderboltfilm

1933Son of the Borderfilm

1933Stolen by Gypsies or Beer and Bicyclesfilm

1933Římské aféryfilm

193245 Calibre Echofilm

1932Cross Examinationfilm

1932Daring Dangerfilm

1932Fighting for Justicefilm

1932Gambling Sexfilm

1932One Man Lawfilm

1932Ride Him, Cowboyfilm

1932Rule 'Em and Weepfilm

1932Saddle Buster, Thefilm

1932The Engineer's Daughter; or, Iron Minnie's Revengefilm

1932The Penal Codefilm

1932Wild Girlfilm

1931Arizona Terrorfilm

1931Command Performancefilm

1931Dr. Jekyll a pan Hydefilm

1931Grief Streetfilm

1931Hell Boundfilm

1931Near the Trail's Endfilm

1931Sundown Trailfilm

1931The Devil Playsfilm

1931The Drums of Jeopardyfilm

1931The Two Gun Manfilm

1931The Wide Open Spacesfilm

193045 Calibre Warfilm

1930Captain of the Guardfilm

1930Pardon My Gunfilm

1930The Lottery Bridefilm

1930Troopers Threefilm

1929Přehlídka láskyfilm

1928Apache Raider, Thefilm

1927Black Jackfilm

1927Man from Hard Pan, Thefilm

1926Going the Limitfilm

1926Hair Trigger Baxterfilm

1926High Hand, Thefilm

1926The Jazz Girlfilm

1925Gentleman Roughneckfilm

1924The Only Womanfilm

1923Ashes of Vengeancefilm

1923Canyon of the Foolsfilm

1922If I Were Queenfilm

1922The Hidden Womanfilm

1922The Unfoldmentfilm

1921Cheated Heartsfilm

1921Sure Firefilm

1920The Silver Hordefilm

1919Gambling In Soulsfilm

1919Jacques of the Silver Northfilm

1919Little Diplomat, Thefilm

1919When a Woman Strikesfilm

1918Her Momentfilm


1918Riders of the Purple Sagefilm

1917Babbling Tonguesfilm

1917Fear Notfilm

1917Kingdom of Love, Thefilm



1916Accusing Evidencefilm

1915Ethel's Burglarfilm

1915His Beloved Violinfilm

1915On Dangerous Groundfilm

1915Small Town Girl, Afilm

1915Stronger Mind, Thefilm

1915The Faith of Her Fathersfilm

1915The Fear Withinfilm

1915The Troubadourfilm

1914Be Neutralfilm

1914By the Sun's Raysfilm

1914Discord and Harmonyfilm

1914Embezzler, Thefilm

1914Forbidden Room, Thefilm

1914Heart Stringsfilm

1914Her Grave Mistakefilm

1914Honor of the Mounted, Thefilm

1914Lie, Thefilm

1914Menace to Carlotta, Thefilm

1914Miner's Romance, Afilm

1914Old Bell-Ringer, Thefilm

1914Old Cobbler, Thefilm

1914Oubliette, Thefilm

1914Ranch Romance, Afilm

1914Remember Mary Magdalenfilm


1914The Carbon Copyfilm

1914The End of the Feudfilm

1914The Higher Lawfilm

1914Tragedy of Whispering Creek, Thefilm

1914Unlawful Trade, Thefilm

1913Bloodhounds of the Northfilm


1913Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hydefilm

1913Echo of a Song, Thefilm

1913Little Skipper, Thefilm


1913Red Margaret, Moonshinerfilm

1913The Boob's Dream Girlfilm

1913The Count of Monte Cristofilm

1913The Diamond Makersfilm

1913The Thumb Printfilm

1913Wall of Money, Thefilm

1913Ways of Fate, Thefilm

1912The Hand of Mysteryfilm

1912Where Paths Meetfilm

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