Bud Jamison (1895 - 1944)

Bud Jamison, Actor: Their First Tintype. Bud Jamison was born on February 15, 1895 in Vallejo, California, USA as William Edward Jaimison. He was an actor, known for Their First Tintype (1920), Captain Caution (1940) and The Shadow (1937). He was married to Georgia Kathleen Holland. He died on September 30, 1944 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

Vallejo, California, USA
(49 let) Hollywood, California, USA
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64 I katové umírají!
I katové umírají!
The Monster and the Girl
The Monster and the Girl
73 The Whole Towns Talking
The Whole Towns Talking
Captain Caution
Captain Caution
Mrs. Parkington
Mrs. Parkington


1974The Three Stooges Folliesa.z.

1960Stop! Look! and Laugh!a.z.

1953Kelly Finds a Fightera.z.

1945Diamond Horseshoefilm

1945Incendiary Blondefilm

1945Nob Hillfilm

1945Off Again, on Againfilm


1944Casanova Brownfilm

1944Crash Goes the Hashfilm

1944Doctor, Feel My Pulsefilm

1944Gold Is Where You Lose Itfilm

1944Grandmother's Folliesfilm

1944His Tale Is Toldfilm

1944Kansas City Kittyfilm

1944Lost in a Haremfilm

1944Louisiana Hayridefilm

1944Love Your Landlordfilm

1944Mrs. Parkingtonfilm

1944Musical Movielanda.z.

1944Oh, Baby!film

1944Say Unclefilm

1944She Snoops to Conquerfilm

1944Stalo se zítrafilm

1943A Blitz on the Fritzfilm

1943Back from the Frontfilm

1943Coney Islandfilm

1943Dizzy Detectivesfilm

1943Double Upfilm

1943Hello Frisco, Hellofilm

1943Hit Parade of 1943film

1943Hot Footfilm

1943I Can Hardly Waitfilm

1943I Spied for Youfilm

1943I katové umírají!film

1943Phony Expressfilm

1943Quack Servicefilm

1943Seeing Nellie Homefilm

1943Three Little Twirpsfilm

1943True to Lifefilm

1943Wolf in Thief's Clothingfilm

1942A Study in Socksfilm

1942A Tragedy at Midnightfilm

1942All Work and No Payfilm

1942Dear! Deer!film

1942Even as I.O.Ufilm

1942Girl's Townfilm

1942Glove Birdsfilm

1942Groom and Boredfilm

1942Her Cardboard Loverfilm

1942Holiday Innfilm

1942Jail House Bluesfilm

1942Joan of Ozarkfilm

1942Loco Boy Makes Goodfilm

1942Olaf Laughs Lastfilm

1942Pardon My Stripesfilm

1942Rough on Rentsfilm

1942Sock-a-Bye Babyfilm

1942Stardust on the Sagefilm

1942Three Blonde Micefilm

1942Three Smart Sapsfilm

1942Tireman, Spare My Tiresfilm

1942Tramp, Tramp, Trampfilm

1942What Makes Lizzy Dizzy?film

1942Wild Bill Hickok Ridesfilm

1942Yokel Boyfilm

1942You Can't Escape Foreverfilm

1942Youth on Paradefilm

1941A Girl, a Guy, and a Gobfilm

1941Ache in Every Stake, Anfilm

1941All the World's a Stoogefilm

1941Blitz Kiss, Thefilm

1941Dutiful But Dumbfilm

1941General Nuisancefilm

1941Half Shot at Sunrisefilm

1941Host to a Ghostfilm

1941I'll Never Heil Againfilm

1941Minstrel Daysfilm

1941Model Wifefilm

1941Polo Phony, Afilm

1941Pot o' Goldfilm

1941Ready, Willing But Unablefilm

1941She's Oil Minefilm

1941So Long Mr. Chumpsfilm

1941So You Won't Squawkfilm

1941Sweet Spirits of Nighterfilm

1941Tall, Dark and Handsomefilm

1941The Monster and the Girlfilm

1941The Watchman Takes a Wifefilm

1941Time Out for Rhythmfilm

1941Yankee Doodle Andyfilm

1940A Plumbing We Will Gofilm

1940Blondes and Blundersfilm

1940Boobs in the Woodsfilm

1940Captain Cautionfilm

1940Cinderella's Fellerfilm

1940Cold Turkeyfilm

1940Heckler, Thefilm

1940His Bridal Frightfilm

1940Li'l Abnerfilm

1940Little Menfilm

1940Money Squawksfilm

1940Nothing But Pleasurefilm

1940Pardon My Berth Marksfilm

1940Sandy Gets Her Manfilm

1940South of the Boudoirfilm

1939A-Ducking They Did Gofilm

1939Act Your Agefilm

1939Almost a Gentlemanfilm

1939Awful Goof, Thefilm

1939Crime Ravefilm

1939Mooching Through Georgiafilm

1939Moving Vanitiesfilm

1939Pest from the Westfilm

1939Rattling Romeofilm

1939Ring Madnessfilm

1939Slightly Honorablefilm

1939Static in the Atticfilm

1939Teacher's Pestfilm

1939The Lone Wolf Spy Huntfilm

1939The Sap Takes a Wrapfilm

1939Three Little Sew and Sewsfilm

1939Three Sappy Peoplefilm

1939We Want Our Mummyfilm

1938A Nag in the Bagfilm


1938Doggone Mixup, Afilm


1938Fiddling Aroundfilm

1938Healthy, Wealthy and Dumbfilm

1938I Am the Lawfilm

1938I'm from the Cityfilm

1938Jump, Chump, Jumpfilm

1938Kennedy's Castlefilm

1938Little Miss Roughneckfilm

1938Mutts to Youfilm

1938Not Guilty Enoughfilm

1938Red Barryfilm

1938Stage Frightfilm

1938Sue My Lawyerfilm

1938Tarnished Angelfilm

1938Tassels in the Airfilm

1938Termites of 1938film

1938The Old Raid Mulefilm

1938The Soul of a Heelfilm

1938The Stormfilm

1938There's Always a Womanfilm

1938Time Out for Troublefilm

1938Violent Is the Word for Curlyfilm

1938Wee Wee Monsieurfilm

1938When G-Men Step Infilm

1938Women in Prisonfilm

1937All-American Sweetheartfilm

1937Back to the Woodsfilm

1937Big Squirt, Thefilm

1937Calling All Curtainsfilm

1937Counsel for Crimefilm

1937Dizzy Doctorsfilm

1937Forty Naughty Girlsfilm

1937From Bad to Worsefilm

1937Girls Can Playfilm

1937Gracie at the Batfilm

1937Grand Hooter, Thefilm

1937He Done His Dutyfilm

1937Jail Baitfilm

1937Knee Actionfilm

1937Life Begins with Lovefilm

1937Love Nest on Wheelsfilm

1937Man Bites Lovebugfilm

1937Many Unhappy Returnsfilm

1937Melody of the Plainsfilm

1937Morning Judgefilm

1937Murder in Greenwich Villagefilm

1937New Newsfilm

1937Paid to Dancefilm

1937Racing Ladyfilm

1937Shadow, Thefilm

1937Stuck in the Sticksfilm

1937Super Snooper, Thefilm


1937Swing Feverfilm

1937The Frame-Upfilm

1937Too Many Wivesfilm

1937Wrong Miss Wright, Thefilm

1936Aladdin From Manhattanfilm

1936Am I Having Fun!film

1936An All American Toothachefilm

1936Ants in the Pantryfilm

1936Ay Tank Ay Gofilm

1936Caught in the Actfilm

1936Disorder in the Courtfilm

1936Doughnuts and Societyfilm

1936Děvče z barufilm

1936Fibbing Fibbersfilm

1936Grand Slam Operafilm

1936Grandma's Buoysfilm

1936Heroes of the Rangefilm

1936Mind Your Own Businessfilm

1936Mister Smartyfilm

1936Movie Maniacsfilm

1936On the Wrong Trekfilm

1936Pain in the Pullman, Afilm

1936Share the Wealthfilm

1936So and Sewfilm

1936The Fugitive Sherifffilm

1936The Unknown Rangerfilm

1936Ticket to Paradisefilm

1936Whoops, I'm an Indian!film

1935After Office Hoursfilm

1935Alibi Bye Byefilm

1935Alimony Achesfilm

1935Do Your Stufffilm

1935Flying Down to Zerofilm

1935Gobs of Troublefilm

1935His Bridal Sweetfilm

1935Hoi Polloifilm

1935Home Workfilm

1935Honeymoon Bridgefilm

1935Hot Paprikafilm

1935In Personfilm

1935It Always Happensfilm

1935Lawless Ridersfilm

1935Old Sawbonesfilm

1935Princess O'Harafilm

1935Shadows of the Orientfilm

1935Stage Frightsfilm

1935The Captain Hits the Ceilingfilm

1935The Case of the Lucky Legsfilm

1935The E-Flat Manfilm

1935The Leather Neckerfilm

1935The Payofffilm

1935The Perfect Cluefilm

1935The Spirit of 1976film

1935The Whole Town's Talkingfilm

1935Three Little Beersfilm

1935Uncivil Warriorsfilm

1935Unknown Womanfilm


1934A Very Honorable Guyfilm

1934Apples to You!film

1934Contented Calvesfilm

1934Flirting with Dangerfilm

1934In a Pig's Eyefilm

1934In the Devildog Housefilm

1934Men in Blackfilm

1934One Too Manyfilm

1934Strictly Fresh Yeggsfilm

1934Super Stupidfilm

1934The Party's Overfilm

1934When Do We Eat?film

1934Woman Hatersfilm

1934Wonder Barfilm

1934Wrong Directionfilm

1933A Preferred Listfilm

1933A Wrestler's Bridefilm

1933Blue of the Nightfilm

1933California Weatherfilm

1933Don't Play Bridge with Your Wifefilm

1933Dora's Dunking Doughnutsfilm

1933Good Housewreckingfilm

1933His Weak Momentfilm

1933Hold Your Temperfilm

1933Knockout Kissesfilm

1933Loose Relationsfilm

1933Melody Cruisefilm

1933Quiet Please!film

1933Rafter Romancefilm

1933The Big Squealfilm

1933Thundering Taxisfilm

1933Too Many Highballsfilm

1932Doubling in the Quickiesfilm


1932False Impressionsfilm


1932Guests Wantedfilm

1932Heavens! My Husband!film


1932Lady! Please!film

1932Make Me a Starfilm

1932Singing Plumber, Thefilm

1932Soilers, Thefilm

1932Speed in the Gay Ninetiesfilm

1932Spot on the Rug, Thefilm

1932Strange Innertubefilm

1932Strictly Unreliablefilm

1932Taxi for Twofilm

1932The Candid Camerafilm

1932The Dentistfilm

1932The Giddy Agefilm

1932The Lion and the Housefilm

1932The Loud Mouthfilm

1932What Price Taxifilm

1931County Seat, Thefilm

1931Full Coveragefilm

1931Gland Parade, Thefilm

1931Hold 'er Sherifffilm

1931No, No, Ladyfilm

1931Pottsville Palooka, Thefilm

1931Seein' Injunsfilm

1931Selling Shortsfilm


1931Taxi Troublesfilm

1931The Gossipy Plumberfilm

1931The Messenger Boyfilm

1931Way of All Fish, Thefilm

1930Bulls and Bearsfilm

1930Dance with Mefilm

1930He Trumped Her Acefilm

1930Her Manfilm

1930Match Playfilm

1930Moby Dickfilm

1930Radio Kissesfilm

1930Sugar Plum Papafilm

1930The Chumpsfilm

1930The Grand Paradefilm

1930Traffic Tanglefilm

1928A Taxi Scandalfilm

1928Bear Kneesfilm

1928Buck Privatesfilm

1928Heart Troublefilm

1928His Unlucky Nightfilm

1928Jack and Jiltedfilm

1928Love at First Flightfilm

1928The Bicycle Flirtfilm

1928The Chaserfilm

1927A Texas Steerfilm

1927Birthday Greetingsfilm

1927Closed Gatesfilm

1927His First Flamefilm

1927Hollywood Hero, Afilm

1927I'm the Sherifffilm

1927Jake the Plumberfilm

1927Just a Husbandfilm

1927Ladies Bewarefilm

1927Little Pest, Thefilm

1927Long Pantsfilm

1927Play Safefilm

1927Wolves of the Airfilm

1926Fighting to Winfilm

1926Marry Month of Mayfilm

1926Smith's Babyfilm

1926Smith's Unclefilm

1926Two Lips in Hollandfilm

1925Kick Me Againfilm

1924Arizona Expressfilm

1924Cyclone Rider, Thefilm

1924Dante's Infernofilm

1924Darwin Was Rightfilm

1924Troubles of a Bridefilm

1923Bridle Groomsfilm

1923Monkeying Aroundfilm

1923Two Johns, Thefilm

1922Horse Sensefilm

1922One Horse Townfilm

1922Red Hot Rivalsfilm

1921Brownie's Little Venusfilm

1921Dollar's Worth, Afilm

1921His Fearful Finishfilm

1921In Again, Out Againfilm

1921Kid's Pal, Thefilm

1921Muddy Bride, Afilm

1921On Their Wayfilm

1921Sea Shore Shapesfilm

1921Teddy's Goatfilm

1921Third Class Malefilm

1921Whizbang, Thefilm

1920Birthday Tangle, Afilm

1920Blue Ribbon Mutt, Afilm

1920Laughing Gasfilm

1920Lion's Alliance, Afilm

1920Loose Lions and Fast Loversfilm

1920Love and Gasolinefilm

1920One Cylinder Love Riot, Afilm

1920Should Tailors Trifle?film

1920Their First Tintypefilm

1920Twin Crooksfilm

1919A Jazzed Honeymoonfilm

1919Back to the Woodsfilm

1919Be My Wifefilm

1919Chop Suey & Co.film

1919Count Your Changefilm

1919Daring Lions and Dizzy Loversfilm

1919Do You Love Your Wife?film

1919Dutiful Dub, Thefilm

1919Going! Going! Gone!film

1919Heap Big Chieffilm

1919Hoot Mon!film

1919Hustling for Healthfilm

1919Next Aisle Overfilm

1919Off the Trolleyfilm

1919On a mrakodrapfilm

1919On maratónským závodníkemfilm

1919On se chce oženitfilm

1919On the Firefilm

1919Pistols for Breakfastfilm

1919Půjdu si po svémfilm

1919Spring Feverfilm

1919Toto's Troublesfilm

1919Wanted - $5,000film

1919Young Mr. Jazzfilm


1919Žádné strkánífilm

1918Beach Nutsfilm

1918Bees in His Bonnetfilm

1918Check Your Baggagefilm


1918Do Husbands Deceive?film

1918Enemy of Soap, Anfilm

1918Fare, Pleasefilm

1918Fire the Cookfilm

1918Hear 'Em Ravefilm

1918His Busy Dayfilm

1918It's a Wild Lifefilm

1918Just Rambling Alongfilm

1918Kicking the Germ Out of Germanyfilm

1918Neodbytný hochfilm

1918Nipped in the Budfilm

1918No Place Like Jailfilm

1918Nothing But Troublefilm

1918On na čertově kolefilm

1918On prodává korsetyfilm

1918One Night Stand, Afilm

1918Pistolník Gussiefilm

1918Psí životfilm

1918She Loves Me Notfilm

1918Swing Your Partnersfilm

1918Take a Chancefilm

1918The Movie Dummyfilm

1918Triple Troublefilm

1918Two Scrambledfilm

1917By the Sad Sea Wavesfilm

1917Clubs Are Trumpfilm

1917From London to Laramiefilm

1917Lonesome Luke Loses Patientsfilm

1917Lonesome Luke on Tin Can Alleyfilm

1917Lonesome Luke's Honeymoonfilm

1917Lonesome Luke's Lively Lifefilm

1917Lonesome Luke's Wild Womenfilm

1917Lonesome Luke, Lawyerfilm

1917Lonesome Luke, Mechanicfilm

1917Lonesome Luke, Messengerfilm

1917Lonesome Luke, Plumberfilm

1917Love, Laughs and Latherfilm

1917Luke Wins Ye Ladye Fairefilm

1917Luke's Busy Dayfilm

1917Luke's Lost Libertyfilm

1917Luke's Trolley Troublesfilm

1917On a zrádná čapkafilm

1917On dědicemfilm

1917On jest nesmělýfilm

1917On strážníkemfilm

1917Over the Fencefilm

1917Step Livelyfilm

1917Stop! Luke! Listen!film

1917We Never Sleepfilm

1916Chaplin obchodním příručímfilm

1916Charlie zlodějemfilm

1916Luke Does the Midwayfilm

1916Luke Joins the Navyfilm

1916Luke Laughs Lastfilm

1916Luke Locates the Lootfilm

1916Luke Pipes the Pippinsfilm

1916Luke and the Bang-Tailsfilm

1916Luke and the Mermaidsfilm

1916Luke's Doublefilm

1916Luke's Fatal Flivverfilm

1916Luke's Fireworks Fizzlefilm

1916Luke's Late Lunchersfilm

1916Luke's Lost Lambfilm

1916Luke's Movie Muddlefilm

1916Luke's Newsie Knockoutfilm

1916Luke's Preparedness Preparationsfilm

1916Luke's Shattered Sleepfilm

1916Luke's Society Mixupfilm

1916Luke's Speedy Club Lifefilm

1916Luke, Crystal Gazerfilm

1916Luke, Patient Providerfilm

1916Luke, Rank Impersonatorfilm

1916Luke, the Chauffeurfilm

1916Luke, the Gladiatorfilm

1915All Stuck Upfilm


1915Chaplin boxeremfilm

1915Chaplin lodním kuchařemfilm

1915Chaplin na námluváchfilm

1915Chaplin na plážifilm

1915Chaplin se ženífilm

1915Chaplin tulákemfilm

1915Chaplin v kabaretufilm

1915Chaplin v parkufilm

1915His Regenerationfilm

1915Mustaches and Bombsfilm

1915Off for a Boat Ridefilm

1915Street Fakersfilm

1915Tale of a Tirefilm

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