Cecil Weston (1889 - 1976)

Cecil Weston, Actress: Two Fisted Justice. Cecil Weston was born on September 3, 1889 in Capetown, South Africa. She was an actress, known for Two Fisted Justice (1943), Banjo on My Knee (1936) and Honeychile (1951). She was married to Fred J. Balshofer. She died on August 7, 1976 in Hollywood, California, USA.

Capetown, Jihoafrická republika
(86 let) Hollywood, California, USA
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Cecil Weston oblíbené filmy

69 Věčná Ambra
Věčná Ambra
This Earth Is Mine
This Earth Is Mine
79 Zvoník od Matky Boží
Zvoník od Matky Boží
79 Farář u svatého Dominika
Farář u svatého Dominika
78 Porobená země
Porobená země
The Walls of Jericho
The Walls of Jericho

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1951David a Batšebafilm

1951Half Angelfilm


1951Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bellfilm

1951The Barefoot Mailmanfilm

1950Bandit Queenfilm

1950Bunco Squadfilm

1950Mother Didn't Tell Mefilm

1950When Willie Comes Marching Homefilm

1948Money Madnessfilm

1948My Dog Rustyfilm

1948Road Housefilm

1948The Walls of Jerichofilm

1947Blondie in the Doughfilm

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1947That's My Galfilm

1947Věčná Ambrafilm

1946Affairs of Geraldinefilm

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1946The Locketfilm

1945Boston Blackie Booked on Suspicionfilm


1945Life with Blondiefilm

1945V Brooklynu roste stromfilm

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1944Marriage Is a Private Affairfilm

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1944Stars on Paradefilm

1944The Missing Jurorfilm

1944The Story of Dr. Wassellfilm

1943Crash Divefilm

1943Mystery Broadcastfilm

1943O, My Darling Clementinefilm

1943Porobená zeměfilm

1943Píseň o Bernadettěfilm

1943Two Fisted Justicefilm

1942A Tragedy at Midnightfilm

1942Broadway Big Shotfilm

1942Dr. Broadwayfilm

1942In Old Californiafilm

1942Johnny Doughboyfilm

1942Obliging Young Ladyfilm

1942This Above Allfilm

1942When Johnny Comes Marching Homefilm

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1941Accent on Lovefilm

1941Bedtime Storyfilm

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1941Sheriff of Tombstonefilm

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1940Dark Commandfilm

1940Manhattan Heartbeatfilm

1940Pioneers of the Westfilm

1939Days of Jesse Jamesfilm

1939First Offendersfilm

1939Hlavou do zdifilm

1939Swanee Riverfilm

1939Zvoník od Matky Božífilm

1938A Trip to Parisfilm

1938Alexandrův ragtime bandfilm


1938Hollywood Stadium Mysteryfilm

1938Keep Smilingfilm

1938Mysterious Mr. Motofilm

1938Prison Farmfilm

1938Racket Bustersfilm

1937Call It a Dayfilm

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1936Banjo on My Kneefilm

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1935Crime and Punishmentfilm

1935Love Me Foreverfilm

1934Behold My Wife!film

1934Good Damefilm

1934Murder at the Vanitiesfilm

1931Dude Ranchfilm

1931Huckleberry Finnfilm

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