Buddy Gorman (1921 - 2010)

Buddy Gorman, Actor: Lucky Losers. When Buddy retired from the films, he and his wife opened a novelty store called "Fun 'n Stuff." They sold magic supplies and gag gifts. Their store was originally located in the Los Angeles Mission district; then in Riverside, California. They sold the business ca. 1995.

New York City, New York, USA
(88 let) Webster, New York, USA
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Buddy Gorman oblíbené filmy

79 Setkáme se v St. Louis
Setkáme se v St. Louis
Roughly Speaking
Roughly Speaking
The Heavenly Body
The Heavenly Body
84 Bílý žár
Bílý žár
Hold That Baby!
Hold That Baby!
Till We Meet Again
Till We Meet Again

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1950Triple Troublefilm

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1949Nádherný pocitfilm

1948Angels' Alleyfilm

1948Smugglers' Covefilm

1948The Babe Ruth Storyfilm

1948Trouble Makersfilm

1947Cesta ke hvězdámfilm

1947Her Husband's Affairsfilm

1947Key Witnessfilm

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1946Cinderella Jonesfilm

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1946Night and Dayfilm

1946Sing While You Dancefilm

1946The Jolson Storyfilm

1946The Walls Came Tumbling Downfilm

1946Wife Wantedfilm

1945Come Out Fightingfilm

1945Docks of New Yorkfilm

1945It's a Pleasurefilm

1945Jockey gentlemanfilm

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1945The Master Keyfilm

1944And the Angels Singfilm

1944Bowery Champsfilm

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1944I Love a Soldierfilm

1944Když jsi odešelfilm

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1944Setkáme se v St. Louisfilm

1944The Heavenly Bodyfilm

1944The Very Thought of Youfilm


1944Till We Meet Againfilm

1943Hi Diddle Diddlefilm

1943Mr. Muggs Steps Outfilm

1943Whistling in Brooklynfilm

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