Tom Steele (1909 - 1990)

Tom Steele, Stunts: The Blues Brothers. Tom Steele was born on June 12, 1909 in Carluke, Lanarkshire, Scotland as Thomas Skeoch. He is known for his work on Bratri Bluesovi (1980), Zjizvená tvár (1983) and Zombies of the Stratosphere (1952). He died on October 30, 1990 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Carluke, Lanarkshire, Skotsko, Velká Británie
(81 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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Tom Steele oblíbené filmy

83 Spartakus
84 Občan Kane
Občan Kane
77 Velké závody
Velké závody
75 Diamanty jsou věčné
Diamanty jsou věčné
74 Zabriskie Point
Zabriskie Point
77 The Phantom Creeps
The Phantom Creeps


1977Buck Rogersa.z.

1974Freebie and the Beanfilm

1974Ohnivá sedlafilm


1971Diamanty jsou věčnéfilm

1970Zabriskie Pointfilm

1969Sam Whiskeyfilm

1968Víc mrtvý než živýfilm

1966Black Dragon of ManzanarTV film

1966Captain Mephisto and the Transformation MachineTV film

1966Code 645TV film

1966Cyclotrode 'X'TV film

1966D-Day on MarsTV film

1966Dr. Satan's RobotTV film

1966F.B.I. 99TV film

1966Golden Hands of KurigalTV film


1966Jungle GoldTV film

1966Missile Base at TaniakTV film

1966R.C.M.P. and the Treasure of Genghis KhanTV film

1966Retik, the Moon MenaceTV film

1966Sakima and the Masked MarvelTV film

1966Sharad of AtlantisTV film

1966Slaves of the Invisible MonsterTV film

1966Sombra, the Spider WomanTV film

1966Target: Sea of ChinaTV film

1966U-238 and the Witch DoctorTV film

1965Requiem for a Gunfighterfilm

1965Velké závodyfilm

1964Quick Before It Meltsfilm

1962Spiral Road, Thefilm

1961The Great Impostorfilm


1959Ghost of Zorroa.z.

1959These Thousand Hillsfilm

1958Missile Monstersa.z.

1958Satan's Satellitesa.z.

1957Kelly and Mefilm

1957The Restless Breedfilm

1956Flesh and the Spurfilm

1956Showdown at Abilenefilm

1956Tension at Table Rockfilm

1955King of the Carnivalfilm

1955Panther Girl of the Kongofilm

1955The Prodigalfilm

1955The Rawhide Yearsfilm

1954Cattle Queen of Montanafilm

1954Man with the Steel Whipfilm

1954Trader Tom of the China Seasfilm

1953Canadian Mounties vs. Atomic Invadersfilm

1953City That Never Sleepsfilm

1953Jungle Drums of Africafilm

1953Law and Orderfilm

1953Planet Outlawsa.z.

1953Savage Frontierfilm

1953Six Gun Decisiona.z.

1952Brave Warriorfilm

1952Cripple Creekfilm

1952I Dream of Jeaniefilm

1952Radar Men From the Moonfilm

1952Rose of Cimarronfilm

1952Zombies of the Stratospherefilm

1951Don Daredevil Rides Againfilm

1951Government Agents vs Phantom Legionfilm

1951In Old Amarillofilm

1951Lost Planet Airmena.z.

1951Night Riders of Montanafilm

1951Secrets of Monte Carlofilm

1951Silver City Bonanzafilm

1950Comanche Territoryfilm

1950Desperadoes of the Westfilm

1950Flying Disc Man from Marsfilm

1950Gunmen of Abilenefilm

1950Invisible Monster, Thefilm

1950The Milkmanfilm

1950The Old Frontierfilm



1949Bandit King of Texasfilm

1949Federal Agents vs. Underworld,

1949Frontier Investigatorfilm

1949Ghost of Zorrofilm

1949King of the Rocket Menfilm

1949Mighty Joe Youngfilm

1949Outcasts of the Trailfilm

1949Radar Patrol vs. Spy Kingfilm

1949Ranger of Cherokee Stripfilm

1949The Fighting Kentuckianfilm

1949The James Brothers of Missourifilm

1949The Wyoming Banditfilm

1948Adventures of Frank and Jesse Jamesfilm

1948Dangers of the Canadian Mountedfilm

1948G-Men Never Forgetfilm

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1947Hit Parade of 1947film

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1947Vigilantes of Boomtownfilm

1946Daughter of Don Qfilm

1946King of the Forest Rangersfilm

1946Sun Valley Cyclonefilm

1946The Crimson Ghostfilm

1946The Phantom Riderfilm

1945Federal Operator 99film

1945Frontier Daysfilm

1945God Is My Co-Pilotfilm

1945Her Highness and the Bellboyfilm

1945Jeep Herdersfilm

1945Manhunt of Mystery Islandfilm

1945Secret Agent X-9film

1945The Master Keyfilm

1945The Purple Monster Strikesfilm

1945The Vampire's Ghostfilm

1944Beneath Western Skiesfilm

1944Captain Americafilm

1944Cheyenne Wildcatfilm

1944Code of the Prairiefilm

1944Haunted Harborfilm

1944Hidden Valley Outlawsfilm

1944Marshal of Renofilm

1944Mystery of the River Boatfilm

1944Silver City Kidfilm

1944Song of Nevadafilm

1944The Big Bonanzafilm

1944The Fighting Seabeesfilm

1944The San Antonio Kidfilm

1944The Tiger Womanfilm

1944Tucson Raidersfilm

1944Zorro's Black Whipfilm

1943Background to Dangerfilm

1943California Joefilm

1943Canyon Cityfilm

1943Daredevils of the Westfilm

1943G-men vs. the Black Dragonfilm

1943Overland Mail Robberyfilm

1943Secret Service in Darkest Africafilm

1943Stará Oklahomafilm

1943The Masked Marvelfilm

1943Wagon Tracks Westfilm

1942Captain Midnightfilm

1942Don Winslow of the Navyfilm

1942Gang Bustersa.z.

1942King of the Mountiesfilm

1942Outlaws of Pine Ridgefilm

1942Overland Mailfilm

1942Perils of Nyokafilm


1942Powder Townfilm

1942Remember Pearl Harborfilm

1942Spy Smasherfilm

1942Texas to Bataanfilm

1942The Secret Codefilm

1941Občan Kanefilm

1941Sea Raidersfilm

1941Sky Raidersfilm

1941South of Tahitifilm

1940Enemy Agentfilm

1940Flash Gordon Conquers the Universefilm

1940Give Us Wingsfilm

1940Junior G-Menfilm

1940Mysterious Doctor Satanfilm

1939Buck Rogersfilm

1939Dick Tracy's G-Menfilm

1939Flying G-Menfilm

1939I Stole a Millionfilm

1939In Old Montereyfilm

1939Inside Informationfilm

1939Mandrake the Magicianfilm

1939Missing Daughtersfilm

1939Scouts to the Rescuefilm

1939The Oregon Trailfilm

1939The Phantom Creepsfilm

1938Call the Mesquiteersfilm

1938Dick Tracy Returnsfilm

1938Flaming Frontiersfilm

1938Flash Gordon's Trip to Marsfilm

1938Red Barryfilm

1938State Policefilm

1938The Fighting Devil Dogsfilm

1938The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickokfilm

1938The Renegade Rangerfilm

1938The Spider's Webfilm

1938The Stormfilm

1937Bill Cracks Downfilm

1937Paradise Expressfilm

1937Radio Patrolfilm

1937Riders of the Whistling Skullfilm

1937Secret Agent X-9film

1937Tim Tyler's Luckfilm

1937West Bound Limitedfilm

1936Ace Drummondfilm

1936Flash Gordonfilm

1936Nobody's Foolfilm

1936The Glory Trailfilm

1936Undersea Kingdomfilm

1936Zajatec ostrova žralokůfilm

1935Captain Bloodfilm

1934The Red Riderfilm

1933The Whirlwindfilm

1931Murder at Midnightfilm

1930The Lone Star Rangerfilm

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