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Kathy Christopherson, Actress: Californication. Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, actress/writer/producer Kathy Christopherson is the youngest of four children. Kathy has been involved in the entertainment industry in some way, shape or form since she was a little girl. Over the years, she has gained the reputation for blending her 'leading lady' persona with her 'character actress' sensibility. A long time student of the ...

Chicago, Illinois, USA
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43 Vysoký cíl
Vysoký cíl
My Trip to the Dark Side
My Trip to the Dark Side
A Fate Foretold
A Fate Foretold
70 Tajemství
My Trip Back to the Dark Side
My Trip Back to the Dark Side
Last Exit to Earth
Last Exit to Earth

2016A Game of Chickenfilm

2015The Unforgivenfilm

2014My Trip Back to the Dark Sidefilm

2012ApplebaumTV film

2012Lose Yourselffilm


2011My Trip to the Dark Sidefilm

2009Dreams and Shadowsfilm

2004Breaking Infilm

2003Wind Effect, Thefilm

2001Cheater, Thefilm

2000After Diff'rent Strokes: When the Laughter StoppedTV film

2000Fate Foretold, Afilm

2000Right Hook, Thefilm

2000Solomon Bernstein's Bathroomfilm

2000TajemstvíTV film

1999Mutual Love Lifefilm

1997Vysoký cílfilm

1996Last Exit to EarthTV film

1994Guyver: Temný hrdinafilm

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