Mary Wickes (1910 - 1995)

Mary Wickes, Actress: Sister Act. From the grand old school of wisecracking, loud and lanky Mary Wickes had few peers while forging a career as a salty scene-stealer. Her abrupt, tell-it-like-it-is demeanor made her a consistent audience favorite on every medium for over six decades. She was particularly adroit in film parts that chided the super rich or exceptionally pious, and ...

Saint Louis, Missouri, USA
(85 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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Mary Wickes oblíbené filmy

79 Malé ženy
Malé ženy
73 Zvoník u Matky Boží
Zvoník u Matky Boží
68 Sestra v akci
Sestra v akci
75 Pyšný rebel
Pyšný rebel
49 Sestra v akci 2: Znovu v černém hábitu
Sestra v akci 2: Znovu v černém hábitu
75 101 dalmatinů
101 dalmatinů

1996Zvoník u Matky Božífilm

1994Malé ženyfilm

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1990Pohlednice z Hollywoodufilm

1987Almost PartnersTV film

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1985Canterville Ghost, TheTV film

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1977Lucy Calls the PresidentTV film

1972Man Who Came to Dinner, TheTV film

1972Napoleon a Samanthafilm

1972Open Windowfilm

1972Snowball Expressfilm

1969Monk, TheTV film

1968Where Angels Go, Trouble Followsfilm

1967Spirit Is Willing, Thefilm

1966Trouble with Angels, Thefilm

1965Jak zabít svou ženufilm

1965The DecoratorTV film


1964Fate Is the Hunterfilm

1962Obchodník s hudboufilm

1961101 dalmatinůfilm

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1960The Gambler, the Nun and the RadioTV film

1959It Happened to Janefilm

1958Pyšný rebelfilm

1957Don't Go Near the Waterfilm

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1955Good Morning, Miss Dovefilm

1954Bílé Vánocefilm


1954Ma and Pa Kettle at Homefilm

1953By the Light of the Silvery Moonfilm

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1953I Love Lucya.z.

1953The Actressfilm

1952Bloodhounds of Broadwayfilm

1952The Story of Will Rogersfilm

1952Young Man with Ideasfilm

1951I'll See You in My Dreamsfilm

1951On Moonlight Bayfilm

1950The Petty Girlfilm

1949Anna Lucastafilm

1948June Bridefilm

1948The Decision of Christopher Blakefilm

1943Happy Landfilm

1943Higher and Higherfilm

1943How's About Itfilm

1943My Kingdom for a Cookfilm

1943Rhythm of the Islandsfilm

1942Blondie's Blessed Eventfilm

1942Keeping Fitfilm

1942Muž, který přišel na večeřifilm

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1942The Mayor of 44th Streetfilm

1942Who Done It?film

1942Život je cestafilm

1938Too Much Johnsonfilm

1936Charlie Chan at the Operafilm

1935Watch the Birdiefilm

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