Tallie Cochrane (1944 - 2011)

Tallie Cochrane, Actress: The Young, Erotic Fanny Hill. Tallie Cochrane was a fiery, pretty, and extremely talented frizzy-haired brunette who usually portrayed hard-bitten tough cookie types in a handful of sleazy softcore pictures and entertainingly trashy drive-in exploitation features made throughout the 1970s. She was born Lillian Rose Cochrane on October 7, 1944 in Memphis, Tennessee. Tallie grew ...

Memphis, Tennessee, USA
(66 let) Panama City, Florida, USA
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Sassy Sue
Sassy Sue
The Amorous Adventures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza
The Amorous Adventures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza
50 A zase zamilovaná
A zase zamilovaná
Sweet Savior
Sweet Savior
Girls for Rent
Girls for Rent
The Young, Erotic Fanny Hill
The Young, Erotic Fanny Hill


1983Frightmare: Legenda hororůfilm

1982Dan's Motelfilm

1982Slapstick (Of Another Kind)film

1980A zase zamilovanáfilm

1979Up Yoursfilm

1977Can I Do It 'Till I Need Glasses?film

1977Devil's Ecstasyfilm

1976All Night Longfilm

1976Amorous Adventures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, Thefilm

1976Country Docfilm


1975Around the World with John 'The Wadd' Holmesfilm

1975Candy Tangerine Man, Thefilm

1975If You Don't Stop It... You'll Go Blind!!!film

1975Tarz & Jane Cheeta & Boyfilm

1975Wham Bam Thank You Spacemanfilm

1974Diamond Sexcapadesfilm

1974Five Loose Womenfilm

1974Girls for Rentfilm

1974The Centerfold Girlsfilm

1973Prison Babiesfilm

1973Sassy Suefilm

1973The California Connectionfilm

1972Hot Connectionsfilm

1972It's... Francy's Fridayfilm

1971Gigi Goes to Potfilm

1971Sweet Saviorfilm

1971The Ice Boxfilm

1971The Soldier's Wifefilm

1971Time to Love, Afilm

1971Young, Erotic Fanny Hill, Thefilm


1970Only in My Dreamsfilm

1970Ride, Mister?film

1970Sexual Practices in Swedenfilm

1970Wendy's Palacefilm


1969Operation Redlightfilm

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