Jessie Nelson

Jessie Nelson, Writer: I Am Sam. Jessie Nelson is an American producer and writer, known for her work on I Am Sam (2001), Stepmom (1998), Corrina, Corrina (1994), and The Story of us (1999). She is married to film and television series director Bryan Gordon and their daughter is actress Molly Gordon. Jessie and Molly have worked on many movies together.
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Jessie Nelson oblíbené filmy

57 Trable o Vánocích
Trable o Vánocích
73 Druhá míza
Druhá míza
79 Jmenuji se Sam
Jmenuji se Sam
55 Santa má bráchu
Santa má bráchu
52 Vdáš se, a basta!
Vdáš se, a basta!
55 Druhá šance
Druhá šance

2015Druhá mízafilm

2015Trable o Vánocíchfilm

2007Santa má bráchufilm

2007Vdáš se, a basta!film

2001Jmenuji se Samfilm

1999Druhá šancefilm

1994Corrina, Corrinafilm

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