Patrick Wright (1939 - 2004)

Patrick Wright, Actor: Track of the Moon Beast. Patrick M. Wright was a gruff, burly and intimidating constant presence in an alarmingly large volume of delightfully down'n'dirty drive-in exploitation pictures made in the 70s. Patrick was born on November 28, 1939 in San Francisco, California. Stocky and strong-looking, with a thick mustache, a mass of curly brown hair, a husky, muscular, ...

San Francisco, California, USA
(65 let) Palmdale, California, USA
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Patrick Wright oblíbené filmy

68 Příliš mladý aby zemřel
Příliš mladý aby zemřel
65 Maniac Cop
Maniac Cop
Savage Harbor
Savage Harbor
57 Cannonball
Sassy Sue
Sassy Sue
The One Man Jury
The One Man Jury

1996Hodina pomstyfilm

1994Malá velká ligafilm

1994Milión k jednéfilm

1992Bikini v autoumývárněfilm

1992Double 0 Kid, Thefilm

1992IluzeTV film

1992Černý pásfilm


1990Nerds of a Featherfilm


1989Špioni a milencifilm

1988Maniac Copfilm


1987Savage Harborfilm

1986Příliš mladý aby zemřelfilm

1983Frightmare: Legenda hororůfilm

1982Dan's Motelfilm

1982Slapstick (Of Another Kind)film

1982Vždyť je to hračkaTV film


1981Tmavohnědá kopiefilm

1980A zase zamilovanáfilm

1979Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixensfilm

1979Roller Boogiefilm

1979The Last Ride of the Dalton GangTV film

1979Triangle Factory Fire Scandal, TheTV film

1979Up Yoursfilm

1978BatteredTV film

1978Cat in the Cagefilm

1978Shame, Shame on the Bixby Boysfilm

1978The One Man Juryfilm

1978The Only Way to Spyfilm

1977Bare Knucklesfilm

1977Can I Do It 'Till I Need Glasses?film

1977Devil's Ecstasyfilm

1977Revenge of the Cheerleadersfilm

1977The Lincoln Conspiracyfilm

1977Young Lady Chatterleyfilm

1976Alex Joseph and His Wivesfilm

1976All Night Longfilm

1976Amorous Adventures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, Thefilm


1976Country Docfilm

1976Hollywood Highfilm


1976Track of the Moon Beastfilm

1975Candy Tangerine Man, Thefilm

1975If You Don't Stop It... You'll Go Blind!!!film

1975Tarz & Jane Cheeta & Boyfilm

1974Caged Heatfilm

1974Girls for Rentfilm

1973Prison Babiesfilm

1973Sassy Suefilm

1973That Man Boltfilm

1973The Cheerleadersfilm

1973The Norliss TapesTV film

1973Wicked, Wickedfilm

1972Hot Connectionsfilm

1972It's... Francy's Fridayfilm

1972Lovemakers, Thefilm


1972The Abductorsfilm

1972The Night of the Stranglerfilm

1971The Ice Boxfilm

1971The Seven Minutesfilm

1971The Soldier's Wifefilm

1971Time to Love, Afilm

1970Only in My Dreamsfilm

1970Sexual Practices in Swedenfilm

1970Wendy's Palacefilm

1969Operation Redlightfilm

1969Run, Angel, Runfilm

1968Project Xfilm

1967Good Morning... and Goodbye!film

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