Joseph W. Girard (1871 - 1949)

Joseph W. Girard, Actor: Captain Midnight. Joseph W. Girard was born on April 2, 1871 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, USA. He was an actor and writer, known for Captain Midnight (1942), Social Error (1935) and Beloved Jim (1917). He died on August 21, 1949 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA.

Williamsport, Pennsylvania, USA
(78 let) Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
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The Drag-Net
The Drag-Net
The Navy Comes Through
The Navy Comes Through
76 X-27
68 Četař York
Četař York
A Seashore Romeo
A Seashore Romeo

1944Heavenly Daysfilm

1943Mission to Moscowfilm

1942Captain Midnightfilm

1942S.O.S. Coast Guarda.z.

1942The Navy Comes Throughfilm

1942The Secret Codefilm

1941Spider Returns, Thefilm

1941Četař Yorkfilm

1940Deadwood Dickfilm

1940The Green Archerfilm

1939Crashing Thrufilm

1939Navy Secretsfilm

1939Ride 'Em Cowgirlfilm


1938Delinquent Parentsfilm

1938Frontier Scoutfilm

1938The Secret of Treasure Islandfilm

1938The Stranger from Arizonafilm

1938Tough Kidfilm

1938Whirlwind Horsemanfilm

1937Clipped Wingsfilm

1937Headline Crasherfilm

1937Mystery of the Hooded Horsemen, Thefilm

1937Parole Racketfilm

1937S.O.S. Coast Guardfilm

1937The Mysterious Pilotfilm

1937The Rangers Step Infilm

1937Wild West Daysfilm

1936A Tenderfoot Goes Westfilm

1936Aces and Eightsfilm

1936Drag-Net, Thefilm

1936Lightnin' Bill Carsonfilm

1936Ride 'Em Cowboyfilm

1936The Oregon Trailfilm

1936Unashamed: A Romancefilm

1936What Becomes of the Children?film

1935Annapolis Farewellfilm

1935Blazing Gunsfilm

1935Branded a Cowardfilm

1935Diamond Jimfilm

1935Frontier Justicefilm

1935His Fighting Bloodfilm

1935Kentucky Blue Streakfilm

1935Let 'em Have Itfilm

1935Men of Actionfilm

1935Outlaw Rulefilm

1935Outlawed Gunsfilm

1935Racing Luckfilm

1935Social Errorfilm

1935Streamline Expressfilm

1935The Ivory-Handled Gunfilm

1935The Outlaw Deputyfilm

1935The Silent Codefilm

1935Tumbling Tumbleweedsfilm

1934Murder in the Museumfilm


1934The Fighting Trooperfilm

1934The Tonto Kidfilm

1933Gabriel Over the White Housefilm

1933Golden Harvestfilm

1933Man of Actionfilm

1933My Womanfilm


1933Silent Menfilm

1933The Fiddlin' Buckaroofilm

1933The Sin of Nora Moranfilm

1933The Whirlwindfilm

1933The Woman Who Daredfilm

1933The World Gone Madfilm

1933Twin Husbandsfilm

1933Via Pony Expressfilm

1932False Impressionsfilm


1932Officer Thirteenfilm

1932Radio Patrolfilm

1932Renegades of the Westfilm

1932The Big Stampedefilm

1932The Crusaderfilm

1932The Hurricane Expressfilm

1932The Texas Bad Manfilm

1932Trapped in Tia Juanafilm

1931Against the Rulesfilm

1931Defenders of the Lawfilm

1931Desert Vengeancefilm

1931Is There Justice?film


1931Sealed Lipsfilm

1931Seein' Injunsfilm

1931Strictly Dishonorablefilm

1931The Big Gamblefilm

1931The Gang Busterfilm

1931The Mystery Trainfilm

1931The Sky Spiderfilm


1930Breakfast in Bedfilm


1930Just Imaginefilm

1930Man Troublefilm

1930Men On Callfilm

1930Sons of the Saddlefilm

1930The Third Alarmfilm

1930The Unholy Threefilm

1930Troopers Threefilm

1929Back from Shanghaifilm

1929Courtin' Wildcatsfilm

1929From Headquartersfilm

1929Girl from Havana, Thefilm


1929The Leatherneckfilm

1929The One Woman Ideafilm

1921The Sheriff of Hope Eternalfilm

1920Fatal Sign, Thefilm

1920Figurehead, Thefilm

1920The Branded Fourfilm

1920The Screaming Shadowfilm

1919Bare Fistsfilm

1919Paid in Advancefilm

1919Sealed Envelope, Thefilm

1919The Midnight Manfilm

1919What Am I Bid?film

1918Brass Bullet, Thefilm

1918Danger, Go Slowfilm

1918Her Body in Bondfilm

1918Marriage Lie, Thefilm

1918Risky Road, Thefilm

1918Soul for Sale, Afilm

1918The Bride's Awakeningfilm

1918The Heart of Humanityfilm


1917Beloved Jimfilm

1917Fear Notfilm

1917Hell Morgan's Girlfilm

1917Storm Woman, Thefilm

1917The Double Standardfilm


1917Voice on the Wire, Thefilm

191620 000 mil pod mořemfilm

1916A Splash of Local Colorfilm


1916Borrowed Plumesfilm

1916Circular Room, Thefilm

1916Gentle Volunteer, Afilm

1916His Brother's Palfilm

1916In His Own Trapfilm

1916Laugh of Scorn, Thefilm

1916Love's Pilgrimage to Americafilm

1916Man from Nowhere, Thefilm

1916Mansard Mystery, Thefilm

1916One Who Passed byfilm

1916Saved by a Songfilm

1916Sheriff of Pine Mountain, Thefilm

1916Social Outcast, Afilm

1916Taint of Fear, Thefilm

1916The Broken Spurfilm

1916The Huntress of Menfilm

1916The Limousine Mysteryfilm

1916The Narrow Pathfilm

1916The Scarlet Markfilm

1916The Trail of Chancefilm

1916Their Anniversaryfilm

1916Thrown to the Lionsfilm

1915Adventures of a Seagoing Hackfilm

1915Affair of the Terrace, Thefilm

1915Children of Chancefilm


1915Fireside Realization, Afilm

1915Force of Example, Thefilm

1915House with the Drawn Shades, Thefilm

1915Juror Number Sevenfilm

1915Ladder of Fortune, Thefilm

1915Lesson from the Far East, Afilm

1915Meddler, Thefilm

1915Mystery of the Locked Room, Thefilm

1915Mystery of the Man Who Slept, Thefilm

1915Parson of Pine Mountain, Thefilm

1915Proof, Thefilm

1915Rene Haggard Journeys Onfilm

1915Rider of Silhouette, Thefilm

1915Seashore Romeo, Afilm

1915Sh! Don't Wake the Babyfilm

1915Shot in the Dark, Afilm

1915Six Months to Livefilm

1915Six or Ninefilm

1915Souls in Pawnfilm

1915The Cadfilm

1915The Last Actfilm

1915Trail of the Upper Yukon, Thefilm

1915Valley of Silent Men, Thefilm

1914Coward and the Man, Thefilm

1914Sheep's Clothingfilm

1914Shotgun Jonesfilm

1914The Old Fire Horse and the New Fire Chieffilm

1914When the Cartridges Failedfilm

1911Back to the Primitivefilm

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