David Holt (1927 - 2003)

Jacksonville, Florida, USA
San Juan Capistrano, California, USA
David Holt csfd

Affair with a StrangerCombat SquadFearless FaganSecond ChanceBojištěLife of St. Paul SeriesSky LinerWild WeedCommand DecisionAffairs of GeraldineHot CargoOdvážná LassieSweetheart of Sigma ChiThe CheatersHenry Aldrich, Boy ScoutReckless AgeDestroyerLidská komedieTop ManPýcha YankeeůWhat's Cookin'?Sbohem mládíMilitary AcademyBeau GesteHero for a DayJoe and Ethel Turp Call on the PresidentSons of the LegionThe Adventures of Tom SawyerStraight from the ShoulderThe Big Broadcast of 1937Age of IndiscretionIt's a Great LifeKids on the CuffMen Without NamesThe Big Broadcast of 1936The Last Days of PompeiiKočičí pracičkaNow and ForeverShe Made Her BedShockStand Up and Cheer!You Belong to MeApplauseSoul MusicFour Star PlayhouseDragnetThe Lone RangerForgotten BabiesHee Haw

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