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Arnold Laven, Producer: Geronimo. Laven, Jules V. Levy and Arthur Gardner met in 1943 in the First Motion Picture Unit of the Army Air Force. They were stationed at the Hal Roach Studio in Culver City, California (with other notables such as Capt. Ronald Reagan, Capt. Clark Gable and Lt. William Holden, making training films. Levy, Gardner and Laven resolved that they would start their own independent motion picture company after...

Chicago, Illinois, USA
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65 Geronimo
68 Krutá noc
Krutá noc
73 Slavní jezdci
Slavní jezdci
77 The Rack
The Rack
30 Návrat na Planetu opic
Návrat na Planetu opic
44 Život, svoboda a pronásledování na Planetě opic
Život, svoboda a pronásledování na Planetě opic

1981Návrat na Planetu opicTV film

1980Život, svoboda a pronásledování na Planetě opicTV film

1969Sam Whiskeyfilm

1967Krutá nocfilm

1965Slavní jezdcifilm


1958Anna Lucastafilm

1957Slaughter on Tenth Avenuefilm

1957The Monster That Challenged the Worldfilm

1956Rack, Thefilm

1954Down Three Dark Streetsfilm

1953Vice Squadfilm

1952Without Warningfilm

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