Christopher Monger

Christopher Monger, Director: The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain. Christopher Monger has won awards for directing theatre, feature films, and screenwriting. He has directed eight feature films and written over thirty screenplays. He was born in Ffynnon Taf, Wales and started making films while studying painting at the Chelsea School of Art, London. His graduation short, a comic rendering of 8th C Chinese poet Han...

Taffs Well, Cardiff, Wales, Velká Británie
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86 Temple Grandinová
Temple Grandinová
56 Velká filmová láska
Velká filmová láska
68 Angličan, který vylezl na kopec a slezl z hory
Angličan, který vylezl na kopec a slezl z hory
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Čekání na světlo
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Dívka z Ria
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2012Velká filmová láskaTV film

2010Temple GrandinováTV film

2001Dívka z Riafilm

2000Boj s vlkemTV film

1995Angličan, který vylezl na kopec (a slezl z hory)film

1990Čekání na světlofilm

1983Voice Overfilm

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