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Yemi Akinyemi, Actor: The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Yemi Akinyemi Dele was born to a Nigerian father and a Czech mother. He is recognized as an artist, music producer, correspondent, and choreographer. His multi-cultural upbringing (Nigerian/Czech) led to his interest in exploration of diverse cultures and application of it into his work. His work has been recognized in diverse cities around the world. Right from a youthful age, he has been ...

Liberec, Československo
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14 Ordinace v růžové zahradě
Ordinace v růžové zahradě
56 Letopisy Narnie: Princ Kaspian
Letopisy Narnie: Princ Kaspian
20 Případ nevěrné Kláry
Případ nevěrné Kláry

2009Případ nevěrné Kláryfilm

2008Letopisy Narnie: Princ Kaspianfilm

2006Ordinace v růžové zahraděseriál

2006Nekonečná vášeňS01E85

2006Kočky uklidňujíS01E84

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