Layla Alexander

Layla Alexander, Stunts: The Kingdom. Layla Alexander was born and raised in Europe and speaks fluent English, Russian, German and French. After the fall of the Berlin Wall she began her career with a starring role in the acclaimed German TV series Dr. Specht. Shortly after, she got a lead role in the feature film Novalis. Layla wrote and directed her first play Odyssey of the Mind ...
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83 Ospalá díra
Ospalá díra
Molotov Samba
Molotov Samba
72 Lásce na stopě
Lásce na stopě
73 2000 očima ...: Kniha života
2000 očima ...: Kniha života
Novalis - Die blaue Blume
Novalis - Die blaue Blume
Speed for Thespians
Speed for Thespians

2007Lost in Plainviewfilm

2005Molotov Sambafilm

2001Lásce na stopěfilm

2000Speed for Thespiansfilm

1999Ospalá dírafilm

19982000 očima ...: Kniha životafilm

1995Novalis - Die blaue Blumefilm

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