Michael Costello

Michael Costello, Actor: Natural Selection. Michael Costello was born in New York City, and spent most of his childhood in Virginia. He studied acting at Virginia Commonwealth University and received his Master Degree at Southern Methodist University. He is an actor, director, teacher, and writer in film, television, and theatre. He is best known for Temple Grandin, Walker, Texas Ranger, ...
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86 Temple Grandinová
Temple Grandinová
65 Psanci Ameriky
Psanci Ameriky
63 Únos Elvise
Únos Elvise
53 Této noci
Této noci
62 Hlásím svoji smrt
Hlásím svoji smrt
71 Odvěký zákon
Odvěký zákon

2018Father of the Yearfilm

2010Temple GrandinováTV film

2001Psanci Amerikyfilm

1999Natural Selectionfilm

1998Znovunalezený životTV film

1996The CapeTV film

1992Této nocifilm

1991Nebezpečná hra na vojákyfilm

1991Odvěký zákonTV film

1988Hlásím svoji smrtfilm

1988Únos Elvisefilm

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