Lewis Stone (1879 - 1953)

Lewis Stone, Actor: The Sin of Madelon Claudet. By the time that he was 20, Lewis Stone had turned prematurely grey. He enlisted to fight in the Spanish American War and when he returned, he returned to be a writer. This turned to acting and he began to appear in films during the middle teens. His career was again interrupted by war as he served in the cavalry during World War I. After the war,...

Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
(73 let) Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Lewis Stone oblíbené filmy

74 Ztracený svět
Ztracený svět
64 Ostrov pokladů
Ostrov pokladů
76 Královna Kristýna
Královna Kristýna
The Sin of Madelon Claudet
The Sin of Madelon Claudet
79 Čínská moře bouří
Čínská moře bouří

1953All the Brothers Were Valiantfilm

1952Just This Oncefilm


1952Talk About a Strangerfilm

1952Zajatec ze Zendyfilm

1951Angels in the Outfieldfilm


1951Grounds for Marriagefilm

1951It's a Big Countryfilm

1951Night Into Morningfilm

1951Strictly Dishonorablea.z.

1951Unknown Man, Thefilm

1950Key to the Cityfilm

1950Stars in My Crownfilm

1949Any Number Can Playfilm

1949The Sun Comes Upfilm

1948Vládní prohlášenífilm

1947Love Laughs at Andy Hardyfilm

1946The Hoodlum Saintfilm

1946Three Wise Foolsfilm

1944Andy Hardy's Blonde Troublefilm

1944Twenty Years Aftera.z.

1942Andy Hardy's Double Lifefilm

1942The Bugle Soundsfilm

1942The Courtship of Andy Hardyfilm

1941Andy Hardy's Private Secretaryfilm

1941Holiday Greetings 1941film

1941Life Begins for Andy Hardyfilm

1940Andy Hardy Meets Debutantefilm

1940Sporting Bloodfilm

1939Andy Hardy Gets Spring Feverfilm

1939Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the Presidentfilm

1939Judge Hardy and Sonfilm

1939Loews Christmas Greeting (The Hardy Family)film

1939Morálka na dovolenéfilm

1939The Ice Follies of 1939film

1938A Lost Worlda.z.

1938Andy Hardy's Dilemmafilm

1938Judge Hardy's Childrenfilm

1938Love Finds Andy Hardyfilm

1938Out West with the Hardysfilm

1938Stolen Heavenfilm

1938The Chaserfilm

1938Yellow Jackfilm

1937Indické mystériumfilm


1937The Bad Man of Brimstonefilm

1937The Man Who Cried Wolffilm

1937You're Only Young Oncefilm

1936Don't Turn 'em Loosefilm

1936Děvče z malého městafilm

1936Sworn Enemyfilm

1936The Unguarded Hourfilm

1936Three Godfathersfilm

1936Tough Guyfilm

1936Čest pilotůfilm

1935David Copperfieldfilm

1935Public Hero #1film

1935Shipmates Foreverfilm

1935Vanessa: Her Love Storyfilm

1935West Point of the Airfilm

1935Woman Wantedfilm

1935Čínská moře bouřífilm

1934Ostrov pokladůfilm

1934The Girl from Missourifilm

1934The Mystery of Mr. Xfilm

1934You Can't Buy Everythingfilm

1933Bureau of Missing Personsfilm

1933Bílá sestrafilm

1933Královna Kristýnafilm

1933Looking Forwardfilm

1933Men Must Fightfilm

1932Divorce in the Familyfilm

1932Letty Lyntonfilm

1932Lidé v hotelufilm

1932Nebezpečná rudovláskafilm

1932New Morals for Oldfilm

1932Night Courtfilm

1932The Mask of Fu Manchufilm

1932The Son-Daughterfilm

1932The Wet Paradefilm


1931Always Goodbyefilm

1931Father's Sonfilm


1931Mata Harifilm

1931My Pastfilm

1931Strictly Dishonorablefilm

1931The Bargainfilm

1931The Phantom of Parisfilm

1931The Secret Sixfilm

1931The Sin of Madelon Claudetfilm

1930Passion Flowerfilm


1930Strictly Unconventionalfilm

1930The Big Housefilm

1930The Office Wifefilm

1929Divoké orchidejefilm

1929Had v rájifilm

1929Je Mary Duganová vinna?film

1929Madame Xfilm

1929Wonder of Womenfilm

1928Freedom of the Pressfilm


1928The Foreign Legionfilm

1928Žena bez studufilm

1927An Affair of the Folliesfilm

1927Lonesome Ladiesfilm

1927The Notorious Ladyfilm

1927The Prince of Headwaitersfilm

1927The Private Life of Helen of Troyfilm

1926Don Juan's Three Nightsfilm

1926Midnight Loversfilm

1926Old Loves and Newfilm

1926The Blonde Saintfilm

1926The Girl from Montmartrefilm

1926Too Much Moneyfilm

1925Cheaper to Marryfilm

1925Confessions of a Queenfilm

1925Fine Clothesfilm

1925The Lady Who Liedfilm

1925The Talkerfilm

1925What Fools Menfilm

1925Ztracený světfilm


1924Husbands and Loversfilm

1924Inez from Hollywoodfilm

1924The Strangerfilm

1924Why Men Leave Homefilm


1923The Dangerous Agefilm

1923The World's Applausefilm

1923You Can't Fool Your Wifefilm

1922Fool There Was, Afilm

1922The Prisoner of Zendafilm

1922The Rosaryfilm

1922Trifling Womenfilm

1921Beau Revelfilm

1921Don't Neglect Your Wifefilm

1921Northern Trail, Thefilm

1921Pilgrims of the Nightfilm

1921The Child Thou Gavest Mefilm

1921The Concertfilm

1921The Golden Snarefilm

1921The White Mousefilm

1920Held by the Enemyfilm


1920Nomads of the Northfilm

1920The River's Endfilm

1919Man's Desirefilm

1918Inside the Linesfilm

1918The Man of Bronzefilm

1916According to the Codefilm

1916Havoc, Thefilm

1916Honor's Altarfilm

1914Man Who Found Out, Thefilm

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