Richard Arlen (1900 - 1976)

Richard Arlen, Actor: Island of Lost Souls. During World War I, Richard Arlen served in the Royal Canadian Flying Corps as a pilot, but he never saw combat. After the war he drifted round and eventually wound up in Los Angeles, where he got a job as a motorcycle messenger at a film laboratory. When he crashed into the gates of Paramount Pictures and suffered a broken leg, the studio ...

Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
(75 let) North Hollywood, California, USA
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Richard Arlen oblíbené filmy

81 Hora pokušení
Hora pokušení
78 The Virginian
The Virginian
75 Ten nejlepší
Ten nejlepší
74 Island of Lost Souls
Island of Lost Souls
Flaming Feather
Flaming Feather
Black Spurs
Black Spurs

1977Whale of a Tale, Afilm

1976Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywoodfilm

1975Sky's the Limit, Thefilm


1968Muži na hranicifilm

1968Rogues' Galleryfilm

1967Fort Utahfilm

1967Nepřátelské puškyfilm

1967Red Tomahawkfilm

1966Johnny Renofilm

1966Road to Nashville, Thefilm

1966To the Shores of Hellfilm



1965Black Spursfilm

1965Human Duplicators, Thefilm

1965The Bounty Killerfilm

1965Town Tamerfilm

1965Young Furyfilm

1964Law of the Lawlessfilm

1964Sex and the College Girlfilm

1964Ten nejlepšífilm

1963Shepherd of the Hills, Thefilm

1963The Crawling Handfilm

1963Young and the Brave, Thefilm

1961Když jsem naposledy viděl Archiehofilm



1958Cavalry Commandfilm

1956Hidden Gunsfilm

1956Hora pokušenífilm

1955Stolen Timefilm

1954AlarmTV film

1954Devil's Pointfilm

1953Sabre Jetfilm

1952Flaming Featherfilm

1952Hurricane Smithfilm

1952The Blazing Forestfilm

1951Silver Cityfilm

1950Kansas Raidersfilm

1949Grand Canyonfilm

1948Speed to Sparefilm

1948The Return of Wildfirefilm

1948When My Baby Smiles at Mefilm

1947Buffalo Bill Rides Againfilm


1945Identity Unknownfilm

1945The Phantom Speaksfilm

1944Storm Over Lisbonfilm

1944That's My Baby!film

1944The Big Bonanzafilm

1944The Lady and the Monsterfilm

1944Timber Queenfilm

1943Alaska Highwayfilm

1943Lovec minfilm

1943Palubní střelecfilm

1943Submarine Alertfilm

1942Soaring Starsfilm

1942Torpedo Boatfilm


1942Wrecking Crewfilm

1941A Dangerous Gamefilm

1941Flying Blindfilm

1941Forced Landingfilm

1941Lucky Devilsfilm

1941Men of the Timberlandfilm

1941Mutiny in the Arcticfilm

1941Power Divefilm

1941Raiders of the Desertfilm

1940Black Diamondsfilm

1940Danger on Wheelsfilm

1940Hot Steelfilm

1940The Devil's Pipelinefilm

1940The Leather Pushersfilm

1939Legion of Lost Flyersfilm

1939Missing Daughtersfilm

1939Mutiny on the Blackhawkfilm

1939The Man from Montrealfilm

1939Tropic Furyfilm

1938Hrdinové severufilm

1938No Time to Marryfilm

1938Straight, Place and Showfilm

1937Artists & Modelsfilm

1937Great Barrier, Thefilm

1937Murder in Greenwich Villagefilm

1937Secret Valleyfilm

1936The Mine with the Iron Doorfilm

1936Three Live Ghostsfilm

1935Dan Matthewsfilm


1935Let 'em Have Itfilm

1935The Calling of Dan Matthewsfilm

1934Come On, Marines!film

1934Ready for Lovefilm

1934She Made Her Bedfilm

1933Alice in Wonderlandfilm

1933College Humorfilm

1933Golden Harvestfilm

1933Hell and High Waterfilm

1933Song of the Eaglefilm

1933Three-Cornered Moonfilm

1932Guilty as Hellfilm

1932Island of Lost Soulsfilm

1932Kapitán Žralokfilm

1932Sky Bridefilm

1932The All-Americanfilm



1931Gun Smokefilm

1931The Conquering Hordefilm

1931The Lawyer's Secretfilm

1931The Secret Callfilm


1930Burning Upfilm

1930Dangerous Paradisefilm

1930Galas de la Paramountfilm

1930Only Saps Workfilm

1930Paramount Revuefilm

1930The Border Legionfilm

1930The Light of Western Starsfilm

1930The Santa Fe Trailfilm

1930The Sea Godfilm

1929Dangerous Curvesfilm

1929The Four Feathersfilm

1929The Man I Lovefilm

1929The Virginianfilm


1928Feel My Pulsefilm

1928Ladies of the Mobfilm

1928Manhattan Cocktailfilm

1928Under the Tonto Rimfilm

1928Žebráci životafilm

1927Figures Don't Liefilm

1927Rolled Stockingsfilm

1927Sally In Our Alleyfilm

1927She's a Sheikfilm

1927The Blood Shipfilm


1926Behind the Frontfilm

1926Enchanted Hill, Thefilm

1926Old Ironsidesfilm


1926You'd Be Surprisedfilm

1925In the Name of Lovefilm


1925The Coast of Follyfilm

1924The Fighting Cowardfilm


1923Vengeance of the Deepfilm

1922Green Temptation, Thefilm

1922The Ghost Breakerfilm

1921Ladies Must Livefilm

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