Edmund Lowe (1890 - 1971)

Edmund Lowe, Actor: Chandu the Magician. Tall, athletic leading man, the son of a judge. Lowe was initially slated for the priesthood but switched career paths on several occasions, at one time studying law, then teaching English and elocution. The latter led to his involvement in the acting profession. After briefly appearing in vaudeville, he joined the Oliver Morosco stock company in ...

San Jose, California, USA
(81 let) Woodland Hills, California, USA
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Edmund Lowe oblíbené filmy

74 Cesta kolem světa za 80 dní
Cesta kolem světa za 80 dní
69 Dillinger
72 Křídla orlů
Křídla orlů
62 Heller in Pink Tights
Heller in Pink Tights
79 Večeře o osmé
Večeře o osmé
Girl in the Case
Girl in the Case

1960Heller in Pink Tightsfilm

1959Plunderers of Painted Flatsfilm

1958The Last Hurrahfilm

1957Křídla orlůfilm

1956Cesta kolem světa za 80 dnífilm

1949Intruder in the Dustfilm

1948Good Samfilm


1945Enchanted Forest, Thefilm

1945The Strange Mr. Gregoryfilm

1944Girl in the Casefilm

1944Oh, What a Nightfilm

1943Dangerous Blondesfilm

1943Murder in Times Squarefilm

1942Call Out the Marinesfilm

1942Klondike Furyfilm

1942Soaring Starsfilm

1941Double Datefilm

1941Flying Cadetsfilm

1940Crooked Road, Thefilm

1940Honeymoon Deferredfilm

1940I Love You Againfilm

1940Men Against the Skyfilm

1940Wolf of New Yorkfilm

1939Our Neighbors - The Cartersfilm

1939The Witness Vanishesfilm

1938Hollywood Handicapfilm

1938Newsboys' Homefilm

1938Secrets of a Nursefilm


1937Every Day's a Holidayfilm

1937Squeaker, Thefilm

1937Under Cover of Nightfilm

1936Mad Holidayfilm

1936Seven Sinnersfilm

1936Sun-Kissed Stars at Palm Springsfilm

1936The Garden Murder Casefilm

1936The Girl on the Front Pagefilm

1935Black Sheepfilm

1935Grand Exitfilm

1935Kavalíři mořských hlubinfilm

1935King Solomon of Broadwayfilm

1935La Fiesta de Santa Barbarafilm

1935Mister Dynamitefilm

1935The Great Hotel Murderfilm

1935The Great Impersonationfilm

1935Thunder in the Nightfilm

1935Under Pressurefilm

1934Bombay Mailfilm

1934Gift of Gabfilm

1934No More Womenfilm

1933Her Bodyguardfilm

1933Hot Pepperfilm

1933I Love That Manfilm

1933Let's Fall in Lovefilm

1933Večeře o osméfilm

1932Attorney for the Defensefilm

1932Chandu the Magicianfilm

1932Guilty as Hellfilm

1932The Devil Is Drivingfilm

1932The Misleading Ladyfilm

1931Don't Bet on Womenfilm

1931The Cisco Kidfilm

1931The Spiderfilm


1931Uloupené šperkyfilm

1931Women of All Nationsfilm

1930Born Recklessfilm

1930Good Intentionsfilm

1930Karneval umělcůfilm

1930Men On Callfilm

1930Part Time Wifefilm

1930Scotland Yardfilm

1930The Bad Onefilm

1929Cock-Eyed World, Thefilm

1929Happy Daysfilm

1929Making the Gradefilm

1929The Painted Angelfilm

1929This Thing Called Lovefilm

1929Thru Different Eyesfilm

1928Dressed to Killfilm

1928Happiness Aheadfilm

1928In Old Arizonafilm


1927Is Zat So?film

1927One Increasing Purposefilm

1927Publicity Madnessfilm

1927The Wizardfilm

1926Black Paradisefilm


1926The Palace of Pleasurefilm

1926What Price Gloryfilm

1925East Lynnefilm

1925East of Suezfilm

1925Fool, Thefilm

1925Marriage in Transitfilm

1925Milostný román princeznyfilm

1925Ports of Callfilm

1925Soul Matesfilm

1925The Champion of Lost Causesfilm

1925The Kiss Barrierfilm

1925Winding Stair, Thefilm

1924Barbara Frietchiefilm

1924Honor Among Menfilm

1924Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Modelfilm

1924The Brass Bowlfilm

1923In the Palace of the Kingfilm

1923The Silent Commandfilm

1923White Flower, Thefilm

1923Wife in Name Onlyfilm

1922A Game of Graftfilm

1922Living Liesfilm

1922Marie Antoinette - Das Leben einer Königinfilm

1922Peacock Alleyfilm

1922The Last Callfilm

1922The Spirit of Evilfilm

1922Unseen Foesfilm

1921My Lady's Latchkeyfilm

1921The Devilfilm

1920Johann Baptiste Linggfilm

1920Madonnas and Menfilm

1920Someone in the Housefilm

1920Woman Gives, Thefilm

1920Woman's Business, Afilm

1919Eyes of Youthfilm

1919Someone Must Payfilm

1918The Reason Whyfilm

1918Vive la France!film

1917The Spreading Dawnfilm

1915The Wild Olivefilm

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