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Chris Violette, Actor: Diary of the Dead. Chris Violette is a Canadian born TV and Film Actor. After graduating in Business Marketing, Chris decided to explore his passion for the arts and focus on becoming an entertainer. He started with modeling, and one thing led to another. Chris started attending acting classes, and before he knew it he was an actor. Known for joining the cast of Power Rangers as Blue Ranger Sky, Chris has appeared ...

Mississauga, Ontario, Kanada
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39 Policajt ze školky 2
Policajt ze školky 2
37 Desperately Seeking Santa
Desperately Seeking Santa
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Prci, prci, prcičky: Spolek Beta
54 Smyčka času
Smyčka času
62 Deník mrtvých
Deník mrtvých
41 How to Make Love to a Woman
How to Make Love to a Woman

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2016Policajt ze školky 2film

2013Smyčka časuTV film

2011Desperately Seeking SantaTV film

2010How to Make Love to a Womanfilm

2009Neobvyklý kamarádfilm

2008Return to Sleepaway Campfilm

2007Deník mrtvýchfilm

2007Prci, prci, prcičky: Spolek Betafilm

2006Cheaters' ClubTV film

2004My Brother's Keeperfilm

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