Lee H. Katzin

Lee H. Katzin (1935 - 2002)

Lee H. Katzin, Director: Mission: Impossible. Lee H. Katzin started directing features in the late 1960s. Turning to made-for-television movies, he became one of the busiest directors in that genre, churning out a slew of mostly routine fodder. Every so often, however, one would rise above the rest: Along Came a Spider (1970) is a tense, gritty murder mystery, and The Quest (1976) is a lively, beautifully shot, well paced and hugely ...

Detroit, Michigan, USA
(67 let) Beverly Hills, California, USA
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Lee H. Katzin oblíbené filmy

81 Le Mans
Le Mans
46 Tucet špinavců III: Smrtelná mise
Tucet špinavců III: Smrtelná mise
53 Zdivočelý svět
Zdivočelý svět
46 Tucet špinavců IV: Osudná mise
Tucet špinavců IV: Osudná mise
23 The Break
The Break


1995Break, Thefilm

1989OklamanýTV film

1988Tucet špinavců IV: Osudná miseTV film

1988Zdivočelý světfilm

1987Tucet špinavců III: Smrtelná miseTV film

1985Orel a medvědTV film

1983Emergency RoomTV film

1982Neighborhood, TheTV film

1981Death Ray 2000TV film

1980Police Story: Confessions of a Lady CopTV film

1979SamuraiTV film

1978Bastard, TheTV film

1978Teror z nebesTV film

1978Zuma BeachTV film

1977Man from AtlantisTV film

1977Police Story: The Broken BadgeTV film

1977RelentlessTV film

1977River of PromisesTV film

1976Alien AttackTV film

1976Captive: The Longest Drive 2, Thefilm

1976Journey Through the Black SunTV film

1976Quest, TheTV film

1975Last Survivors, TheTV film

1975Sky HeistTV film

1974SavagesTV film

1974Strange HomecomingTV film

1973OrdealTV film

1973The StrangerTV film

1973Voyage of the Yes, TheTV film

1972The Salzburg Connectionfilm

1972Visions...TV film

1971Le Mansfilm

1970Along Came a SpiderTV film

1970The Phynxfilm

1969Co se vlastně stalo tetě Alici?film

1969Heaven with a Gunfilm

1967Hondo and the ApachesTV film

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