B. Reeves Eason

B. Reeves Eason (1886 - 1956)

B. Reeves Eason, Director: Roaring Ranch. Reaves ran a produce business before going into stock and vaudeville. He is known for using 42 cameras to film the spectacular chariot race in the Ramon Novarro, Francis X. Bushman version of Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ (1925). (The chariot race was filmed at what is now the intersection of LaCienega and Venice Boulevards in Los Angeles.) This 1925 version was the most expensive silent film ...

New York City, New York, USA
(69 let) Sherman Oaks, California, USA
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Black Gold
Black Gold
Pony Express Days
Pony Express Days
Army Girl
Army Girl
The Fighting Marines
The Fighting Marines
Land Beyond the Law
Land Beyond the Law
74 The Shadow of the Eagle
The Shadow of the Eagle

1966Bat Men of AfricaTV film

1966Sharad of AtlantisTV film


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1946'Neath Canadian Skiesfilm

1946North of the Borderfilm

1944Black Arrowfilm

1944Fighting Engineers, Thefilm

1944The Desert Hawkfilm

1943Murder on the Waterfrontfilm

1943Oklahoma Outlawsfilm

1943The Phantomfilm

1943Truck Bustersfilm

1943Wagon Wheels Westfilm

1942Men of the Skyfilm

1942Murder in the Big Housefilm

1942Soldiers in Whitefilm

1942Spy Shipfilm

1941Take the Airfilm

1941The Tanks Are Comingfilm

1940March On, Marinesfilm

1940Meet the Fleetfilm

1940Men with Steel Facesfilm

1940Pony Express Daysfilm

1940Service with the Colorsfilm


1940Young America Fliesfilm

1939Blue Montana Skiesfilm

1939Mountain Rhythmfilm

1938Army Girlfilm

1938Daredevil Driversfilm

1938Hrdinové severufilm

1938Kid Comes Back, Thefilm

1938Sergeant Murphyfilm

1937Empty Holstersfilm

1937Land Beyond the Lawfilm

1937Prairie Thunderfilm

1936Darkest Africafilm

1936Give Me Libertyfilm

1936Red River Valleyfilm

1936Undersea Kingdomfilm

1935The Adventures of Rex and Rintyfilm

1935The Fighting Marinesfilm

1935The Miracle Riderfilm

1935The Phantom Empirefilm

1934Evil Eye of Kalinor, Thefilm

1934Hollywood Hoodlumfilm

1934Law of the Wildfilm

1934Mystery Mountainfilm

1933Alimony Madnessfilm

1933Dance Hall Hostessfilm

1933Her Resale Valuefilm

1933Neighbors' Wivesfilm

1933Revenge at Monte Carlofilm

1932Behind Jury Doorsfilm


1932Heart Punchfilm

1932The Honor of the Pressfilm

1932The Last of the Mohicansfilm

1932The Shadow of the Eaglefilm

1932The Sunset Trailfilm

1931King of the Wildfilm

1931The Galloping Ghostfilm

1931The Vanishing Legionfilm

1930Roaring Ranchfilm


1930Trigger Tricksfilm

1930Troopers Threefilm

1929Lariat Kid, Thefilm

1929The Winged Horsemanfilm

1928Clearing the Trailfilm

1928Flyin' Cowboy, Thefilm

1928Riding for Famefilm

1928Trick of Hearts, Afilm

1927Denver Dude, Thefilm

1927Galloping Furyfilm

1927Johnny Get Your Hair Cutfilm

1927Painted Poniesfilm

1927The Prairie Kingfilm

1927Through Thick and Thinfilm

1926Lone Hand Saundersfilm

1926The Sign of the Clawfilm

1926The Test of Donald Nortonfilm

1925A Fight to the Finishfilm

1925Border Justicefilm

1925Fighting Youthfilm

1925Fighting the Flamesfilm

1925New Champion, Thefilm

1925Shadow on the Wall, Thefilm

1925The Texas Bearcatfilm

1924Flashing Spursfilm

1924Tiger Thompsonfilm

1924Treasure Canyonfilm

1924Trigger Fingerfilm

1924Trigger Fingersfilm

1924Women Firstfilm

1923Around the World in Eighteen Daysfilm

1923His Last Racefilm

1922Pardon My Nerve!film


1922The Lone Handfilm

1922When East Comes Westfilm

1921Big Adventure, Thefilm


1921Fire Eater, Thefilm

1921Red Couragefilm

1920Blue Streak McCoyfilm

1920Hair Trigger Stufffilm

1920Held Up for the Makin'sfilm

1920His Nose in the Bookfilm

1920Human Stufffilm

1920Moon Riders, Thefilm

1920Pink Tightsfilm

1920Rattler's Hiss, Thefilm

1920Texas Kid, Thefilm

1920The Prospector's Vengeancefilm

1920Two Kinds of Lovefilm

1919Crow, Thefilm

1919Fighting Heart, Thefilm

1919Fighting Line, Thefilm

1919Four-Bit Man, Thefilm

1919Jack of Hearts, Thefilm

1919Kid and the Cowboy, Thefilm

1919Tell Tale Wire, Thefilm

1918Nine-Tenths of the Lawfilm



1915After the Stormfilm

1915Assayer of Lone Gap, Thefilm

1915Day of Reckoning, Thefilm

1915Profit from Lossfilm

1915Spirit of Adventure, Thefilm

1915The Exile of Bar-K Ranchfilm

1915The Silver Liningfilm

1915The Solution to the Mysteryfilm

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