Walker Edmiston (1925 - 2007)

Walker Edmiston, Actor: The Great Mouse Detective. Talented, prolific and versatile voice and character actor Walker Edmiston had a remarkable career in radio, movies and television that spanned over five decades. Walker was born on February 6, 1926 in St. Louis, Missouri. Edmiston discovered at an early age that he could perfectly mimic other people's voices; he used to entertain his family with his vocal impression of Lionel Barrymore. After ...

Saint Louis, Missouri, USA
(82 let) Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Walker Edmiston oblíbené filmy

83 The Bear
The Bear
68 Tlusťoch a Chlapeček
Tlusťoch a Chlapeček
64 Dostavník
71 Transformers: The Movie
Transformers: The Movie
74 Kmen Andromeda
Kmen Andromeda
46 Zelené barety
Zelené barety

2006Toot & Puddle: I'll Be Home for Christmasfilm


1990Dick Tracyfilm

1989Tlusťoch a Chlapečekfilm

1988Goodbye, Miss 4th of JulyTV film

1987J. Edgar HooverTV film

1986Slavný Myší Detektivfilm

1986Transformers: The Moviefilm

1984Bear, Thefilm

1984Why Me?TV film

1983DempseyTV film

1983Grace KellyTV film

1982Miss Switch to the RescueTV film

1981Scared to Deathfilm

1981SizzleTV film

1980Attica, stát New YorkTV film

1980Herschel drtí faraonyfilm

1980Loose Shoesfilm

1979Some Kind of MiracleTV film

1977Šílený býkTV film

1976Loneliest Runner, TheTV film

1976Oregon Trail, TheTV film

1975Night That Panicked America, TheTV film


1974Live Again, Die AgainTV film

1973Columbo: To je vražda, řeklo portskéTV film

1973Man for Hanging, ATV film

1973Nanny and the Professor and the Phantom of the CircusTV film

1972Columbo: S dýkou v mysliTV film

1972Yogi's Ark LarkTV film

1971Kmen Andromedafilm


1970Spusťte tu revoluci beze mnefilm

1969Silent Gun, TheTV film

1968Zelené baretyfilm


1965Dívky z pláže a monstrumfilm

1961Everything's Duckyfilm

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