Jean Willes (1923 - 1989)

Jean Willes, Actress: Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Jean Willes is best known for her roles in a number of B movies in the 1950s and 1960s as well as on the small screen. Lovely and curvaceous, she often played hard-boiled gold-diggers, party girls, gun molls, and saloon girls. She came off as a wily, smarter version of Barbara Nichols or Iris Adrian, and although she was versatile, she never rose to the first tier of stardom; in retrospect, she ...

Los Angeles, California, USA
(65 let) Van Nuys, California, USA
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80 Invaze lupičů těl
Invaze lupičů těl
82 Odtud až na věčnost
Odtud až na věčnost
72 Dannyho jedenáctka
Dannyho jedenáctka
83 Bílá legie
Bílá legie
80 Son of Paleface
Son of Paleface
71 700 mil v sedle
700 mil v sedle

1975700 mil v sedlefilm

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1961By Love Possessedfilm

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1956The Lieutenant Wore Skirtsfilm

1956The Revolt of Mamie Stoverfilm

1956Toward the Unknownfilm

19555 Against the Housefilm

1955Bobby Ware Is Missingfilm

1955Bowery to Bagdadfilm

1955Count Three and Prayfilm

1955Gypped in the Penthousefilm

1955He Took a Powderfilm

1955His Pest Friendfilm

1955Nobody's Homefilm

1954Masterson of Kansasfilm

1953Abbott and Costello Go to Marsfilm

1953All Ashorefilm

1953Odtud až na věčnostfilm

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1953The Glass Webfilm

1952A Fool and His Honeyfilm

1952A Yank in Indo-Chinafilm

1952First Time, Thefilm

1952Gobs and Galsfilm

1952Jungle Jim in the Forbidden Landfilm


1952Rootin' Tootin' Tenderfeetfilm

1952Son of Palefacefilm

1951Awful Sleuth, Thefilm

1951Blonde Atom Bombfilm

1951Don't Throw That Knifefilm

1951He Flew the Shrewfilm


1951Never Trust a Gamblerfilm

1951The Champs Step Outfilm

1951The Family Secretfilm

1951Wine, Women and Bongfilm

1950A Woman of Distinctionfilm

1950David Harding, Counterspyfilm

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1950The Fuller Brush Girlfilm

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1948The Mating of Milliefilm

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1947Blondie in the Doughfilm

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1947Hectic Honeymoonfilm

1947Scooper Dooperfilm

1946Ain't Love Cuckoo?film

1946Blondie Knows Bestfilm

1946Honeymoon Bluesfilm

1946Monkey Businessmenfilm

1946Sing While You Dancefilm

1946Slappily Marriedfilm

1945Incendiary Blondefilm

1945Salty O'Rourkefilm

1945You Came Alongfilm

1944Here Come the Wavesfilm

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1942Beautiful Clothes (Make Beautiful Girls)film

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