Eugene Pallette (1889 - 1954)

Eugene Pallette, Actor: The Adventures of Robin Hood. Gargantuan-bellied, frog-voiced character actor who was a staple in forties movies. After World War II his ultra-right-wing political views fuelled his 'bomb' paranoia and he bought a property in Oregon which he turned into a well-stocked compound in case the Russians attacked. Many of his old Hollywood friends, including Clark Gable, visited him ...

Winfield, Kansas, USA
(64 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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Eugene Pallette oblíbené filmy

79 Dobrodružství Robina Hooda
Dobrodružství Robina Hooda
78 The Virginian
The Virginian
Slightly Dangerous
Slightly Dangerous
72 Zrození národa
Zrození národa
75 Desatero přikázání
Desatero přikázání

1946In Old Sacramentofilm


1945The Cheatersfilm

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1944In the Meantime, Darlingfilm

1944Lední serenádafilm

1944Pin Up Girlfilm

1944Sensations of 1945film

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1943The Gang's All Herefilm

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1942Almost Marriedfilm

1942Are Husbands Necessary?film

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1942Male Animal, Thefilm

1942Silver Queenfilm

1942The Big Streetfilm

1942The Forest Rangersfilm


1941Dostaveníčko s láskoufilm

1941Ride, Kelly, Ridefilm

1941The Bride Came

1941The Lady Evefilm

1941Unfinished Businessfilm

1941World Premierefilm

1940A Little Bit of Heavenfilm

1940He Stayed for Breakfastfilm

1940It's a Datefilm

1940Mladý Tomáš Edisonfilm

1940Sandy Is a Ladyfilm

1940Zorro mstitelfilm

1939First Lovefilm

1939Hlavou do zdifilm

1939Pan Smith přicházífilm

1938Dobrodružství Robina Hoodafilm

1938There Goes My Heartfilm


1937One Hundred Men and a Girlfilm

1937Přátelé z onoho světafilm

1937She Had to Eatfilm

1937The Crime Nobody Sawfilm

1936Dishonour Brightfilm

1936Easy to Takefilm

1936Její komorníkfilm

1936Slepý pasažérfilm

1936The Golden Arrowfilm

1936The Luckiest Girl in the Worldfilm

1935All the King's Horsesfilm

1935Baby Face Harringtonfilm

1935Black Sheepfilm


1935Steamboat Round the Bendfilm

1935Strašidlo na prodejfilm


1934Cross Country Cruisefilm

1934Friends of Mr. Sweeneyfilm

1934I've Got Your Numberfilm

1934Making the Roundsfilm

1934New Dealers, Thefilm

1934News Houndsfilm

1934One Exciting Adventurefilm

1934Strictly Dynamitefilm

1934The Dragon Murder Casefilm

1933From Headquartersfilm

1933Hell Belowfilm

1933Made on Broadwayfilm

1933Meet the Champfilm

1933Mr. Skitchfilm

1933One Awful Nightfilm

1933Sailors Beware!film

1933Shanghai Madnessfilm

1933Storm at Daybreakfilm

1933The Kennel Murder Casefilm

1932A Hockey Hickfilm

1932Always Kickin'film

1932Dancers in the Darkfilm

1932Off His Basefilm

1932Strangers of the Eveningfilm

1932The Half Naked Truthfilm

1932The Night Mayorfilm

1932Thunder Belowfilm

1932Tom Brown of Culverfilm

1932Wild Girlfilm

1932Šanghajský expresfilm

1931Dude Ranchfilm

1931Fighting Caravansfilm

1931Girls About Townfilm

1931Gun Smokefilm

1931Huckleberry Finnfilm

1931It Pays to Advertisefilm

1931Uloupené šperkyfilm

1930Follow Thrufilm

1930Let's Go Nativefilm

1930Men Are Like Thatfilm

1930Paramount Revuefilm

1930Playboy of Parisfilm

1930Sea Legsfilm

1930Slightly Scarletfilm

1930The Benson Murder Casefilm

1930The Border Legionfilm

1930The Kibitzerfilm

1930The Santa Fe Trailfilm

1930The Sea Godfilm

1929Pointed Heelsfilm

1929Přehlídka láskyfilm

1929Případ zavražděného kanárkafilm

1929The Dummyfilm

1929The Greene Murder Casefilm

1929The Studio Murder Mysteryfilm

1929The Virginianfilm

1928Aching Youthsfilm

1928Barnum & Ringling,

1928His Private Lifefilm

1928Lights of New Yorkfilm

1928Out of the Ruinsfilm

1928The Good-Bye Kissfilm

1928The Red Markfilm

1927Assistant Wivesfilm


1927Fluttering Heartsfilm

1927Jewish Prudencefilm

1927Many Scrappy Returnsfilm

1927Moulders of Menfilm

1927Should Men Walk Home?film

1927Sugar Daddiesfilm

1927The Lighter That Failedfilm

1927The Second 100 Yearsfilm

1927What Every Iceman Knowsfilm

1927Šlehačková revolucefilm

1926Desert Valleyfilm


1926Plavci na Volzefilm

1926Rocking Moonfilm

1926The Fighting Edgefilm

1926Whispering Canyonfilm

1926Whispering Smithfilm

1926You Never Know Womenfilm

1925Light of Western Stars, Thefilm

1925Ranger of the Big Pinesfilm

1925Wild Horse Mesafilm

1925Without Mercyfilm

1924Cyclone Rider, Thefilm

1924Galloping Fish, Thefilm

1924Stupid, But Bravefilm

1924The Wolf Manfilm

1924Wandering Husbandsfilm

1923Desatero přikázánífilm

1923Hell's Holefilm

1923Man's Man, Afilm

1923To the Last Manfilm

1923V boji se smečkou vlkůfilm

1922Two Kinds of Womenfilm

1922Without Compromisefilm

1921Fine Feathersfilm

1921The Three Musketeersfilm

1920Alias Jimmy Valentinefilm

1920Parlor, Bedroom and Bathfilm

1920Terror Islandfilm

1920Twin Bedsfilm

1919Be a Little Sportfilm

1919Fair and Warmerfilm

1919The Amateur Adventuressfilm

1919Words and Music by -film

1918Breakers Aheadfilm

1918His Robe of Honorfilm

1918Madam Whofilm

1918Man's Man, Afilm

1918No Man's Landfilm

1918Tarzan of the Apesfilm

1918The Turn of a Cardfilm


1917Each to His Kindfilm

1917Ghost Housefilm

1917Heir of the Agesfilm

1917Lonesome Chap, Thefilm

1917Purple Scar, Thefilm

1917The Bond Betweenfilm

1917The Marcellini Millionsfilm

1917The World Apartfilm

1917Winning of Sally Temple, Thefilm

1916Children in the House, Thefilm

1916Going Straightfilm

1916Gretchen the Greenhornfilm

1916Hell-to-Pay Austinfilm

1916His Guardian Angelfilm


1916Sunshine Dadfilm

1915A Day That Is Gonefilm

1915Adventure Hunter, Thefilm

1915After Twenty Yearsfilm

1915Death Dice, Thefilm

1915Emerald Brooch, Thefilm

1915Ever Living Isles, Thefilm

1915How Hazel Got Evenfilm

1915Isle of Content, Thefilm

1915Lost Receipt, Thefilm

1915Penalty, Thefilm

1915Scarlet Lady, Thefilm

1915Story of a Story, Thefilm

1915Terror of the Mountains, Thefilm

1915The Highbindersfilm

1915The Spell of the Poppyfilm

1915The Victimfilm

1915When Love Is Mockedfilm

1915Zrození národafilm

1914A Diamond in the Roughfilm

1914A Pair of Cuffsfilm

1914A Woman Scornedfilm


1914Broken Nose Baileyfilm

1914Detective Burton's Triumphfilm

1914Educating His Daughtersfilm

1914On the Borderfilm

1914Only Clue, Thefilm

1914Sheriff's Prisoner, Thefilm

1914Stolen Oar, Thefilm

1914Stronger Hand, Thefilm

1914Texas Bill's Last Ridefilm

1914The Bank Burglar's Fatefilm

1914The Beat of the Yearfilm

1914The Burdenfilm

1914The Gunmanfilm

1914The Horse Wranglerfilm

1914The Kaffir's Skullfilm

1914The Peach Brandfilm

1914The Portrait of Anitafilm

1914The Reform Candidatefilm

1914The Runaway Freightfilm

1914The Stolen Radiumfilm

1914The Tardy Cannon Ballfilm

1914The Wheels of Destinyfilm

1914Thief and the Book, Thefilm

1914Through the Darkfilm

1914Turned Backfilm

1914Who Shot Bud Walton?film

1913A Man's Awakeningfilm

1913An Accidental Cluefilm

1913Brother Lovefilm

1913Helping Hand, Thefilm

1913Homestead Race, Thefilm

1913Kiss, Thefilm

1913Suspended Sentencefilm

1913Tattooed Arm, Thefilm

1913The Bravest Manfilm

1913The Light Womanfilm

1913The Tomboy's Racefilm

1913Transgression of Manuel, Thefilm


1913When Jim Returnedfilm

1913When the Light Fadesfilm

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