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Ryan Newman, Actress: Zoom. Ryan Newman, up and coming "Young Hollywood" beauty, can recently be seen in eight episodes of the Nickelodeon hit series "The Thundermans" and Sharknado 4 coming this July. Newman got her start in print modeling but quickly caught the eye of casting for commercials, television and film. With her charming personality and comedic timing, Newman excelled in all the roles that she took on. Newman ...

Manhattan Beach, California, USA
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The Thinning
36 Žraločí tornádo 3
Žraločí tornádo 3
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V tom domě straší!
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Žraločí tornádo 4
36 Zoom: Akademie pro superhrdiny
Zoom: Akademie pro superhrdiny
Alexander IRL
Alexander IRL

2017Alexander IRLfilm


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2016Žraločí tornádo 4TV film

2015Bad Sisterfilm

2015Žraločí tornádo 3TV film

2012Call, Thefilm

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2006V tom domě straší!film

2006Zoom: Akademie pro superhrdinyfilm

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