Ann Doran (1911 - 2000)

Ann Doran, Actress: Rebel Without a Cause. Ann Doran appeared in over 500 motion pictures and 1000 television shows, by one count. Starting at the age of four, she appeared in hundreds of silent films under assumed names so her father's family wouldn't find out. Rarely a featured player (although Charles Starrett's Rio Grande (1938) is a notable exception), she provided many a wonderful ...

Amarillo, Texas, USA
(89 let) Carmichael, California, USA
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Ann Doran oblíbené filmy

75 Tajný závod
Tajný závod
80 Rebel bez příčiny
Rebel bez příčiny
73 Tichá dohoda
Tichá dohoda
79 Robin Hood
Robin Hood
62 Trenérka
Slightly Dangerous
Slightly Dangerous


1981Advice to the LovelornTV film

1981All the Way HomeTV film

1981Celou dlouhou nocfilm

1981Crazy TimesTV film

1981První říjnové pondělífilm

1978Little MoTV film

1977Dead of NightTV film

1977Peter Lundy and the Medicine Hat StallionTV film

1976Cesta Velkou PlaninouTV film

1976Tajný závodfilm

1976ZáplavaTV film

1975Family Nobody Wanted, TheTV film

1975Werewolf of Woodstock, TheTV film

1974Last Angry Man, TheTV film

1974The Story of Pretty Boy FloydTV film

1972The ScarecrowTV film

1971Návrat domůfilm

1971Priest Killer, TheTV film

1970Byl jednou jeden lotrfilm

1970Weekend of TerrorTV film

1969Once You Kiss a

1969Tichá dohodafilm


1968Live a Little, Love a Littlefilm

1967Hostage, Thefilm


1966S mojí ženou ne!film


1964Kitten with a Whipfilm

1964The Brass Bottlefilm

1964Where Love Has Gonefilm


1963Captain Newman,

1959A Summer Placefilm

1959Nedozírný vlivfilm

1959Riot in Juvenile Prisonfilm

1959The FBI Storyfilm


1958Day of the Badmanfilm


1958It! The Terror from Beyond Spacefilm

1958Joy Ridefilm

1958Life Begins at 17film

1958Rawhide Trail, Thefilm

1958Step Down to Terrorfilm

1958The Badlandersfilm

1958The Female Animalfilm

1958Violent Roadfilm

1958Voice in the Mirrorfilm

1957Bombardéry B-52film

1957Kapka krvefilm

1957Man Who Turned to Stone, Thefilm

1957Shoot-Out at Medicine Bendfilm

1957Young and Dangerousfilm

1955Hodiny zoufalstvífilm

1955Rebel bez příčinyfilm

1954Bob Mathias Story, Thefilm

1954City Storyfilm

1954For the DefenseTV film

1954Hurricane at Pilgrim Hillfilm

1954Rozbouřené nebefilm


1953Island in the Skyfilm

1953So This Is Lovefilm

1953The Eddie Cantor Storyfilm

1952Here Come the Nelsonsfilm

1952Love Is Better Than Everfilm



1952The Rose Bowl Storyfilm

1951Her First Romancefilm


1951The Painted Hillsfilm

1951The People Against O'Harafilm


1950Cesta k úspěchufilm

1950Gambling Housefilm

1950Lonely Heart Banditsfilm

1950Never a Dull Momentfilm

1950No Sad Songs for Mefilm

1950The Jackpotfilm

1949Air Hostessfilm

1949Beyond the Forestfilm

1949Big Jackfilm

1949Calamity Jane and Sam Bassfilm

1949Holiday in Havanafilm

1949Kid from Cleveland, Thefilm

1949One Last Flingfilm

1949Rusty Saves a Lifefilm

1949Rusty's Birthdayfilm

1949The Accusedfilm

1949The Clay Pigeonfilm

1949The Fountainheadfilm


1948He Walked by Nightfilm

1948My Dog Rustyfilm

1948No Minor Vicesfilm


1948Reaching From Heavenfilm

1948Rusty Leads the Wayfilm

1948Sealed Verdictfilm

1948The Babe Ruth Storyfilm

1948The Return of the Whistlerfilm

1948The Snake Pitfilm

1948The Walls of Jerichofilm

1947Fear in the Nightfilm

1947For the Love of Rustyfilm

1947Magic Townfilm

1947Má oblíbená brunetkafilm

1947Road to the Big Housefilm

1947Second Chancefilm

1947Seven Were Savedfilm

1947The Crimson Keyfilm

1947The Perfect Marriagefilm

1947The Son of Rustyfilm

1947Variety Girlfilm

1946Our Hearts Were Growing Upfilm

1946Podivná láska Marty Iversovéfilm

1945Pride of the Marinesfilm

1945Roughly Speakingfilm

1945You Hit the Spotfilm

1944Doctor, Feel My Pulsefilm

1944Henry Aldrich's Little Secretfilm

1944Here Come the Wavesfilm

1944His Tale Is Toldfilm

1944I Love a Soldierfilm

1944Pan Skeffingtonfilm

1944The Story of Dr. Wassellfilm

1943Bílá legiefilm

1943Gildersleeve on Broadwayfilm

1943Old Acquaintancefilm

1943Perutě pomstyfilm

1943Slightly Dangerousfilm

1943The Hard Wayfilm

1943True to Lifefilm

1943Veselá tlačenicefilm

1942Beyond the Blue Horizonfilm

1942Blue, White and Perfectfilm

1942Moje sestra Elafilm

1942Mr. Wise Guyfilm

1942Screen Snapshots Series 21, No. 6film

1942Smith of Minnesotafilm

1942Street of Chancefilm

1942They All Kissed the Bridefilm

1942Three Blonde Micefilm

1942Yankee Doodle Dandyfilm

1941Buy Me That Townfilm

1941Criminals Withinfilm

1941Dr. Kildare's Wedding Dayfilm

1941Ellery Queen's Penthouse Mysteryfilm

1941Half Shot at Sunrisefilm

1941Hloubkový bombardérfilm

1941Iron Claw, Thefilm

1941Lovable Troublefilm

1941Murder Among Friendsfilm

1941New York Townfilm

1941Serenáda za úsměvfilm

1941Sing Another Chorusfilm

1941The Kid from Kansasfilm

1941To je John Doefilm

1941Zasněžená romancefilm

1940Blondes and Blundersfilm

1940Cold Turkeyfilm

1940Five Little Peppers at Homefilm

1940Girls of the Roadfilm

1940Glamour for Salefilm

1940Jeho dívka Pátekfilm

1940Manhattan Heartbeatfilm

1940South of the Boudoirfilm

1940The Green Hornetfilm


1939A Woman Is the Judgefilm

1939Blind Alleyfilm

1939Chump Takes a Bump, Thefilm

1939Coast Guardfilm

1939Flying G-Menfilm

1939Good Girls Go to Parisfilm

1939Homicide Bureaufilm

1939Let Us Livefilm

1939My Son Is a Criminalfilm

1939Pan Smith přicházífilm

1939Rattling Romeofilm

1939Romance of the Redwoodsfilm

1939Skinny the Moocherfilm

1939Static in the Atticfilm

1939The Man They Could Not Hangfilm

1939Three Sappy Peoplefilm

1939Trouble Finds Andy Clydefilm

1938Ankles Awayfilm


1938City Streetsfilm

1938Doggone Mixup, Afilm


1938Fiddling Aroundfilm

1938Half-way to Hollywoodfilm

1938Highway Patrolfilm


1938Little Miss Roughneckfilm

1938Many Sappy Returnsfilm

1938Mind Needer, Thefilm


1938Pie à la Maidfilm

1938Rio Grandefilm

1938Smashing the Spy Ringfilm

1938Start Cheeringfilm

1938Sue My Lawyerfilm

1938The Lady Objectsfilm

1938The Main Eventfilm

1938The Old Raid Mulefilm

1938The Spider's Webfilm

1938Time Out for Troublefilm

1938Vždyť jsme jen jednou na světěfilm

1938Women in Prisonfilm

1937Devil's Playgroundfilm

1937Girls Can Playfilm

1937Gracie at the Batfilm

1937It's All Yoursfilm

1937Marry the Girlfilm

1937Nothing Sacredfilm

1937Paid to Dancefilm

1937Shadow, Thefilm

1937She Married an Artistfilm

1937Stella Dallasfilm

1937The Go-Getterfilm

1937When You're in Lovefilm

1937Únos do Argentinyfilm

1936Dangerous Intriguefilm

1936Lady of Secretsfilm

1936Let's Sing Againfilm

1936Missing Girlsfilm

1936Palm Springsfilm

1936Red Lights Aheadfilm

1936Ring Around the Moonfilm

1936The Little Red Schoolhousefilm

1936The Man Who Lived Twicefilm

1936Úžasná událostfilm

1935Bad Boyfilm

1935Case of the Missing Manfilm

1935Mary Burns, Fugitivefilm

1935The Night Life of the Godsfilm

1935Way Down Eastfilm

1934One Exciting Adventurefilm

1934Servants' Entrancefilm

1933Zoo in Budapestfilm

1922Robin Hoodfilm

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