Delaina Mitchell

Delaina Mitchell, Actress: Vanilla Sky. Actress Delaina Mitchell has built a solid reputation for delivering memorable performances on-screen and beyond. Delaina takes control of Josh Brolin, as his tyrannical wife Mrs. Chastity Bjornsen, in Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice. This talented actress is also recognized around the globe for her role alongside Tom Cruise in Cameron ...
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64 Skrytá vada
Skrytá vada
72 Vanilkové nebe
Vanilkové nebe
43 Až si vydechnu
Až si vydechnu
Carman: The Champion
Carman: The Champion
The Woman Chaser
The Woman Chaser
41 Aprils Shower
Aprils Shower

2014Skrytá vadafilm

2003April's Showerfilm

2003Dr. Bennyfilm

2001Carman: The Championfilm

2001House of CardsTV film

2001Vanilkové nebefilm

2000Couple Days... A Period Piecefilm

2000The Human Qualityfilm

1999Woman Chaser, Thefilm

1995Až si vydechnufilm

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