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Stephanie Zimbalist, Actress: Remington Steele. Born in Manhattan and raised in Los Angeles, Stephanie grew up swimming, riding, playing tennis, dancing, diving, clowning around, doing chores, and living the normal life of a tomboy in the great expanse of the San Fernando Valley. As a very young amateur theatrical entrepreneur, she produced, wrote, and directed pieces in her little bedroom hallway, in the stable, and on neighbors' fireplace ...

New York City, New York, USA
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The Golden Moment: An Olympic Love Story
The Golden Moment: An Olympic Love Story
61 Probuzení
46 Muž v hnědém obleku
Muž v hnědém obleku
55 Horečka z Jericha
Horečka z Jericha
57 Chůva
Temná minulost
Temná minulost

2015Hamlet's Ghostfilm

2006Lucy's Pianofilm


2001Borderline Normalfilm

2001Zneužití mocifilm

2000Chléb a růžefilm

2000Ďábelská hrafilm

1997Prison of SecretsTV film

1996Smrti v patáchTV film

1996Stop the World, I Want to Get OffTV film

1995Great Elephant Escape, TheTV film

1995Whose Daughter Is She?TV film

1994Incident na malém městěTV film

1994SiluetaTV film

1993Horečka z JerichaTV film

1992Sexuální obtěžováníTV film

1992Temná minulostTV film

1991Pohádková babičkaTV film

1991Vzpomínka na vražduTV film

1990Caroline?TV film

1990Schůzky se smrtíTV film

1989Muž v hnědém oblekuTV film

1987Celebration FamilyTV film

1987Remington Steele: The Steele That Wouldn't DieTV film

1985Letter to Three Wives, ATV film

1985Love on the RunTV film

1982Tomorrow's ChildTV film

1981Elvis and the Beauty QueenTV film

1980ChůvaTV film


1980The Golden Moment: An Olympic Love StoryTV film

1979Best Place to Be, TheTV film

1979Triangle Factory Fire Scandal, TheTV film

1978ForeverTV film

1978Kouzelná Lassiefilm

1978Long Journey BackTV film

1977In the Matter of Karen Ann QuinlanTV film

1977Rodinné setkáníTV film

1977Yesterday's ChildTV film

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