Robert Armstrong (1890 - 1973)

Robert Armstrong, Actor: King Kong. Robert Armstrong is familiar to old-movie buffs for his case-hardened, rapid-fire delivery in such roles as fast-talking promoters, managers, FBI agents, street cops, detectives and other such characters in scores of films--over 160--many of them at Warner Brothers, where he was part of the so-called "Warner Brothers Stock Company" that consisted of such players as James Cagney, Pat O'Brien, ...

Saginaw, Michigan, USA
(82 let) Santa Monica, California, USA
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Robert Armstrong oblíbené filmy

81 King Kong
King Kong
80 Moře trávy
Moře trávy
63 The Son of Kong
The Son of Kong
75 Mighty Joe Young
Mighty Joe Young
Belle of the Yukon
Belle of the Yukon
The Ex-Mrs. Bradford
The Ex-Mrs. Bradford

1964For Those Who Think Youngfilm

1963Johnny Coolfilm

1958Girl with an Itchfilm

1957The Crooked Circlefilm

1956The Peacemakerfilm

1955Double Jeopardyfilm

1955Las Vegas Shakedownfilm

1952The Pace That Thrillsfilm

1950Captain Chinafilm

1950Destination Big Housefilm

1949Mighty Joe Youngfilm

1949Sons of New Mexicofilm

1949Streets of San Franciscofilm

1949The Crime Doctor's Diaryfilm

1949The Lucky Stifffilm

1948Bledá tvářfilm

1948Return of the Bad Menfilm


1947Fall Guyfilm

1947Moře trávyfilm


1946Blonde Alibifilm

1946Criminal Courtfilm


1946G.I. War Bridesfilm

1946Gay Bladesfilm

1945Arson Squadfilm

1945Gangs of the Waterfrontfilm

1945Krev na sluncifilm

1945The Falcon in San Franciscofilm

1945The Royal Mounted Rides Againfilm

1944Action in Arabiafilm

1944Belle of the Yukonfilm

1944Fighting Engineers, Thefilm

1944Mr. Winkle Goes to Warfilm

1944The Navy Wayfilm

1943Adventures of the Flying Cadetsfilm

1943Around the Worldfilm

1943The Kansanfilm

1943The Mad Ghoulfilm

1943Wings Over the Pacificfilm

1942Baby Face Morganfilm

1942Gang Bustersfilm

1942It Happened in Flatbushfilm

1942Let's Get Tough!film

1942My Favorite Spyfilm

1941Citadel of Crimefilm

1941Hloubkový bombardérfilm

1941Mr. Dynamitefilm

1941San Francisco Docksfilm

1941Sky Raidersfilm

1940Behind the Newsfilm

1940Enemy Agentfilm

1940Forgotten Girlsfilm


1940Meet the Fleetfilm

1940Service with the Colorsfilm

1940The Bride Wore Crutchesfilm

1939Call a Messengerfilm

1939Flight at Midnightfilm

1939Man of Conquestfilm

1939The Flying Irishmanfilm


1939Winter Carnivalfilm

1938The Night Hawkfilm

1938There Goes My Heartfilm

1937It Can't Last Foreverfilm

1937Nobody's Babyfilm

1937She Loved a Firemanfilm

1937The Girl Said Nofilm

1937Three Legionnairesfilm

1936All American Chumpfilm

1936Dangerous Watersfilm

1936Public Enemy's Wifefilm

1936The Ex-Mrs. Bradfordfilm

1936Without Ordersfilm

1935'G' Menfilm


1935Little Big Shotfilm

1935Pirate Party on Catalina Islefilm

1935Sweet Musicfilm

1935The Mystery Manfilm

1935Things You Never See on the Screenfilm

1934Flirting with Dangerfilm

1934Kansas City Princessfilm

1934Manhattan Love Songfilm


1934Search for Beautyfilm

1934She Made Her Bedfilm

1934The Hell Catfilm

1933Above the Cloudsfilm

1933Billion Dollar Scandalfilm

1933Blind Adventurefilm

1933Fast Workersfilm

1933I Love That Manfilm

1933King Kongfilm

1933The Son of Kongfilm

1932Hold 'Em Jailfilm

1932Is My Face Red?film

1932Nejnebezpečnější hrafilm

1932Panama Flofilm

1932Penguin Pool Murderfilm

1932Radio Patrolfilm

1932Ztracená eskadrafilm

1931Ex-Bad Boyfilm

1931Iron Manfilm

1931Suicide Fleetfilm

1931Tip-Off, Thefilm

1930Be Yourself!film

1930Big Moneyfilm

1930Danger Lightsfilm

1930Dumbbells in Erminefilm


1929Big Newsfilm

1929Oh, Yeah?film

1929The Leatherneckfilm

1929The Racketeerfilm

1929The Woman from Hellfilm


1928Ned McCobb's Daughterfilm

1928Show Folksfilm

1928Square Crooksfilm

1928The Baby Cyclonefilm

1928The Copfilm

1928The Leopard Ladyfilm

1928The Shady Ladyfilm

1928Všude jiné děvčefilm

1927The Main Eventfilm

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