Harry Keller (1913 - 1987)

Harry Keller, Director: The Brass Bottle. Entering the film business as an editor in 1936, Harry Keller began directing in the late 1940s, and soon was at Republic, specializing in westerns. When that studio folded he went to Universal, directing westerns again, interspersed with some dramas, comedies and war pictures. In the late 1960s he stopped directing films and started producing ...

Los Angeles, California, USA
(73 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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Harry Keller oblíbené filmy

67 Blázni ve vězení
Blázni ve vězení
62 Duch letu 401
Duch letu 401
60 Lampasy
48 Transylvania 6-5000
Transylvania 6-5000
68 Techtle mechtle
Techtle mechtle
70 Anděl a bandita
Anděl a bandita

1985Rychle vpředfilm

1985Transylvania 6-5000film

1983The Man Who Wasn't Therefilm

1982Techtle mechtlefilm


1980Blázni ve vězenífilm

1979Act of ViolenceTV film

1979Like Normal PeopleTV film

1979Nero WolfeTV film

1978Duch letu 401TV film

1978The MillionaireTV film

1951Belle Le Grandfilm

1951Dakota Kid, Thefilm


1950Covered Wagon Raidfilm

1950Hit Parade of 1951film

1950Lonely Heart Banditsfilm

1950The Arizona Cowboyfilm

1950The Showdownfilm

1949Pozdě na slzyfilm

1949Rose of the Yukonfilm

1949Streets of San Franciscofilm

1949The Red Menacefilm

1949The Red Ponyfilm

1948Homicide for Threefilm

1948Madonna of the Desertfilm


1948Son of God's Countryfilm

1947Anděl a banditafilm

1947Northwest Outpostfilm

1947Robin Hood of Texasfilm

1947Rustlers of Devil's Canyonfilm

1947Saddle Palsfilm

1947Twilight on the Rio Grandefilm

1946A Guy Could Changefilm

1946My Pal Triggerfilm

1946Passkey to Dangerfilm

1946Přízrak růžefilm

1946Sun Valley Cyclonefilm

1946The Catman of Parisfilm

1945Grissly's Millionsfilm

1945Song of Mexicofilm

1945Steppin' in Societyfilm


1944Call of the Rockiesfilm

1944Code of the Prairiefilm

1944Firebrands of Arizonafilm

1944Mojave Firebrandfilm

1944Sheriff of Sundownfilm

1944Stagecoach to Montereyfilm

1944The Laramie Trailfilm

1944Tucson Raidersfilm

1943Black Hills Expressfilm

1943California Joefilm

1943Canyon Cityfilm

1943Days of Old Cheyennefilm

1943Death Valley Manhuntfilm

1943King of the Cowboysfilm

1943Raiders of Sunset Passfilm

1943The Man from Thunder Riverfilm

1939Inside Informationfilm

1939Mystery of the White Roomfilm

1939The Witness Vanishesfilm

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