Nigel Green (1924 - 1972)

Nigel Green, Actor: Zulu. The character actor Nigel Green, born in Pretoria, South Africa, in 1924, was educated in England and studied chemical engineering before winning a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. By age 24, he was appearing on stage at both the Old Vic and Stratford-on-Avon, and in the early 1950s, he made his film and television debuts. In 1956, he received serious injuries in an ...

Pretoria, Gauteng , Jihoafrická republika
(47 let) Brighton, Východní Sussex, Anglie, Velká Británie
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Nigel Green oblíbené filmy

76 Jáson a Argonauti
Jáson a Argonauti
76 Špinavá hra
Špinavá hra
77 Zulu
77 Liga gentlemanů
Liga gentlemanů
72 Hořké vítězství
Hořké vítězství
80 Špiónka beze jména
Špiónka beze jména

1973Sir Gawain a Zelený rytířfilm

1972Ruling Class, Thefilm

1971Countess Draculafilm

1970Kremlin Letter, Thefilm

1969The Wrecking Crewfilm

1969Špinavá hrafilm

1969Špiónka beze jménafilm

1968Question of Honour, ATV film

1968The Pink Junglefilm

1967Afrika - V texaském stylufilm

1967Něžné pohlavífilm

1967Secret Agent, TheTV film



1966Let's Kill Unclefilm

1965Agent Palmer: Případ Ipcressfilm

1965The Face of Fu Manchufilm

1965The Skullfilm

1964Maska rudé smrtifilm


1963Jáson a Argonautifilm

1963Man Who Finally Died, Thefilm

1963Mystery Submarinefilm


1963Saturday Night Outfilm

1962Primitives, Thefilm

1962Spanish Sword, Thefilm

1962The Durant Affairfilm

1962The Prince and the PauperTV film


1961Man at the Carlton Tower, Thefilm

1961Pit of Darknessfilm

1961Tajemný ostrovfilm

1961The Queen's Guardsfilm

1960Beat Girlfilm

1960Betonová džunglefilm

1960Liga gentlemanůfilm

1960Sword of Sherwood Forestfilm

1959Witness in the Darkfilm

1958Cikánka a gentlemanfilm

1958Corridors of Bloodfilm

1957Hořké vítězstvífilm

1956Find the Ladyfilm

1956Reach for the Skyfilm

1955As Long as They're Happyfilm

1954Meet Mr. Malcolmfilm

1954Stranger from Venusfilm

1954The Sea Shall Not Have Themfilm

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