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Tony Anthony, Producer: Get Mean. Tony Anthony is largely credited with the revival of the 3-D concept in the early 1980s. Anthony did, however work for many years on Spaghetti Westerns (some with co-production company Lupo-Anthony-Quintano Productions). He produced and starred in two 3-Dimensional movies, both of which enjoyed a modest theatrical release. After making these two ...

Clarksburg, West Virginia, USA
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45 Smyslná orchidej
Smyslná orchidej
69 Straniero di silenzio, Lo
Straniero di silenzio, Lo
70 Slepý pistolník
Slepý pistolník
56 Dolar za mrtvého
Dolar za mrtvého
57 V dobrém i zlém
V dobrém i zlém
Tesoro de las cuatro coronas, El
Tesoro de las cuatro coronas, El

1998Dolar za mrtvéhoTV film

1990V dobrém i zlémfilm

1989Smyslná orchidejfilm

1983Tesoro de las cuatro coronas, Elfilm

1981Comin' at Ya!film

1975Get Meanfilm


1971Slepý pistolníkfilm

1968Straniero di silenzio, Lofilm

1961Force of Impulsefilm

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