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Jeffrey Ballard, Actor: The Marine 3: Homefront. Jeff Ballard was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. He has been acting for a number of years. He has appeared in a number of local films since he was young. His earlier works include Children of the corn; and more recently he has had roles in Riding the Bullet, Agent Cody Banks, John Tucker and others. Jeff recently shot four back to back leads ...

Vancouver, British Columbia, Kanada
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38 Les sebevrahů
Les sebevrahů
66 Kid Cannabis
Kid Cannabis
54 Pidihajzlík
57 Mise na Mars
Mise na Mars
62 Perfect Sisters
Perfect Sisters
58 Super náhradník
Super náhradník

2014Kid Cannabisfilm

2014Perfect Sistersfilm

2013Forever 16TV film

2013Les sebevrahůTV film

2013Restless VirginsTV film

2013Voják 3: Na domácí frontěfilm


2011Sněhový armagedonTV film

2010Triple Dogfilm

2009Ratko: The Dictator's Sonfilm

2006John Tucker musí zemřítfilm


2006Super náhradníkfilm

2004Jízda na střelefilm

2004ZolarTV film

2003Agent Cody Banksfilm

2003Útěk ze čtvrtého rozměruTV film

2002Bomba v srdciTV film

2002Buddy - hvězda baseballufilm

2001Children of the Corn: Revelationfilm

2001VIP 2 - Jack se vracífilm

2000Mise na Marsfilm

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