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Olivia Barash, Actress: Repo Man. Olivia Barash has stepped behind the camera to make films. Her numerous years of experience being directed by iconic filmmakers of her generation along with recording her original music for film and T.V. have paved the way of her new journey, creating content and directing documentary film, T.V./web-series, and music-videos with Fallout ...

Miami, Florida, USA
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Olivia Barash oblíbené filmy

85 V zajetí rytmu
V zajetí rytmu
75 Rebel z mé školy
Rebel z mé školy
52 Neuvěřitelný Hulk
Neuvěřitelný Hulk
58 Repo Man
Repo Man
Blue Dream
Blue Dream
56 Patty Hearstová
Patty Hearstová

2013Blue Dreamfilm

2009Repo Chickfilm

2001Perfect Fitfilm


1989Doktorka odjinudfilm

1989Hlas se záhrobífilm

1988Patty Hearstováfilm

1985Rebel z mé školyfilm

1984Repo Manfilm

1981Through the Magic PyramidTV film

1979Triangle Factory Fire Scandal, TheTV film

1978Child of GlassTV film

1978V zajetí rytmufilm

1977Neuvěřitelný HulkTV film

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