King Baggot (1879 - 1948)

King Baggot, Actor: Jim Webb, Senator. St. Louis-born King Baggot traveled to New York City with the express intent of crashing Broadway, but began his film career in nearby Fort Lee, NJ, in 1909. It didn't take long before he graduated from actor to writer and director--at times performing all three functions; in Shadows (1914) he not only directed but played ten different parts--and his efforts paid off, becoming a major star in the...

Saint Louis, Missouri, USA
(68 let) Los Angeles, California, USA
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1914Turn of the Tide, Thefilm

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1913Actor's Christmas, Thefilm

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1913Mr. and Mrs. Innocence Abroadfilm

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1912Mama's Boyfilm

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1912Modern Highwayman, Afilm

1912Officer One Seven Fourfilm

1912Parson and the Moonshiner, Thefilm

1912Peril, Thefilm

1912Power of Conscience, Thefilm

1912Romance of an Old Maid, Thefilm

1912Shamus O'Brienfilm

1912Strange Case, Afilm

1912Tables Turned, Thefilm

1912Tempted But Truefilm

1912The Kid and the Sleuthfilm

1912The Schemersfilm

1912The Trinityfilm

1912Through the Flamesfilm

1912Up Against Itfilm

1912Winning Miss, Afilm

1912Winning Miss, Thefilm

1912Winning the Latonia Derbyfilm

1912World Weary Man, Thefilm

1911A Lesson to Husbandsfilm

1911A Pair of Glovesfilm

1911At the Duke's Commandfilm

1911Back to the Soilfilm

1911Better Way, Thefilm

1911By Registered Mailfilm

1911Call of the Song, Thefilm

1911Dorothy's Familyfilm

1911Executive Clemencyfilm

1911Fair Dentist, Thefilm

1911For the Queen's Honorfilm

1911Imaginary Elopement, Anfilm

1911In the Sultan's Gardenfilm

1911King, the Detectivefilm

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1911Master and the Man, Thefilm

1911Minor Chord, Thefilm

1911Over the Hillsfilm

1911Penniless Prince, Thefilm



1911Second Sightfilm

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1911Sweet Memoriesfilm

1911The Battle of the Willsfilm

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