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Glynnis O'Connor, Actress: Ode to Billy Joe. Glynnis O'Connor was primed for acting right from the beginning. Her parents are producer Daniel O'Connor and actress Lenka Peterson, who worked with Glynnis in several TV movies. Her brother, Darren O'Connor, has also enjoyed a successful acting career. In her late teens, she was featured on As the World Turns (1956), and Sons and Daughters (1974)...

New York City, New York, USA
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52 Lhostejnost
67 Obezřetný cizinec
Obezřetný cizinec
58 Zkouška z dospělosti
Zkouška z dospělosti
72 Bílí lvi
Bílí lvi
The Trouble with Cali
The Trouble with Cali
Baby Blue Marine
Baby Blue Marine

2018A Bread Factory, Part Onefilm

2018A Bread Factory, Part Twofilm


2014Historian, Thefilm

2012Trouble with Cali, Thefilm

2007Zkouška z dospělostifilm


1998Saint MaybeTV film

1997Ellen FosterTV film

1996Summer of FearTV film

1995Hra o rodinuTV film

1995Smrt v malých dávkáchTV film

1992Noční můra za bílého dneTV film

1990Kojak: Květiny pro MattyhoTV film

1988Police Story: Cop KillerTV film

1988To Heal a NationTV film

1988Vražedné sváděníTV film

1987Spiknutí láskyTV film

1986Obezřetný cizinecTV film

1985Otcovy hříchyTV film

1984Johnny Dangerouslyfilm

1984Love Leads the WayTV film

1984Why Me?TV film

1983RváčTV film


1981Bílí lvifilm

1981Noční přechodfilm

1980My Kidnapper, My LoveTV film

1980Those Lips, Those Eyesfilm

1979California Dreamingfilm

1978Getting It Over withfilm

1978Little MoTV film

1977Kid Vengeancefilm

1977Our TownTV film

1976Baby Blue Marinefilm

1976Boy in the Plastic Bubble, TheTV film

1976Ode to Billy Joefilm

1975All Together NowTV film

1975Someone I TouchedTV film


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