Barry Fitzgerald (1888 - 1961)

Barry Fitzgerald, Actor: The Quiet Man. One of Hollywood's finest character actors and most accomplished scene stealers, Barry Fitzgerald was born William Joseph Shields in 1888 in Dublin, Ireland. Educated to enter the banking business, the diminutive Irishman with the irresistible brogue was bitten by the acting bug in the 1920s and joined Dublin's world-famous Abbey Players. He subsequently starred in the Abbey Theatre production of ...

Dublin, Irsko
(72 let) Dublin, Irsko
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Barry Fitzgerald oblíbené filmy

77 Marie Antoinetta
Marie Antoinetta
81 Leopardí žena
Leopardí žena
84 The Dawn Patrol
The Dawn Patrol
79 Farář u svatého Dominika
Farář u svatého Dominika
Variety Girl
Variety Girl
67 Tarzans Secret Treasure
Tarzans Secret Treasure

1959Broth of a Boyfilm


1956Svatební snídaněfilm

1954Happy Ever Afterfilm

1952Ha da venì... don Calogero!film

1952Tichý mužfilm

1951Silver Cityfilm

1950Union Stationfilm

1949The Story of Seabiscuitfilm

1949Top o' the Morningfilm

1948Miss Tatlock's Millionsfilm

1948Obnažené městofilm

1948The Sainted Sistersfilm

1947Easy Come, Easy Gofilm


1947Variety Girlfilm

1947Welcome Strangerfilm

1946Two Years Before the Mastfilm

1945And Then There Were Nonefilm

1945Duffy's Tavernfilm

1945Incendiary Blondefilm

1945The Stork Clubfilm

1944Farář u svatého Dominikafilm

1944I Love a Soldierfilm

1944Nic než osamělé srdcefilm

1943Corvette K-225film

1943The Amazing Mrs. Hollidayfilm

1943Two Tickets to Londonfilm

1941Bylo jednou zelené údolífilm

1941San Francisco Docksfilm

1941Tarzan's Secret Treasurefilm

1941The Sea Wolffilm

1940The Long Voyage Homefilm

1939Full Confessionfilm

1939Pacific Linerfilm

1939The Saint Strikes Backfilm

1938Four Men and a Prayerfilm

1938Leopardí ženafilm

1938Marie Antoinettafilm

1938The Dawn Patrolfilm

1937Ebb Tidefilm

1936The Plough and the Starsfilm

1936When Knights Were Boldfilm

1930Juno a pávfilm

1924Land of Her Fathersfilm

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